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Issue 13

Functional food products are making their mark across the industry, and now they are boldly being cemented in the confectionary market. We take a look at the ‘beauty’ sweets and chocolates that have been released.

In the latest issue of Inside Food we discover why the original Japanese canteen in the UK has decided to serve up a twist to the breakfast routine, look at why seaweed has been pushed to the forefront, profile the rise of gourmet food vans and find out more about how kid goat meat is slowly making its way into the world of the UK foodie.

Moreover, we explore the fermentation trend, find out why consumers want healthy ice creams and, finally, we find out why the US FDA has planned to phase out partially hydrogenated oils.

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In this issue

Sweet Enough
A variety of ‘beauty’ sweets and chocolates have hit the market. Sonia Sharma finds out more about the functional food products that are making their mark in the confectionery industry.
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Japanese for Breakfast
Many of us are used to our traditional British breakfasts, consisting of our most trusted and familiar morning food items. But now, the original Japanese canteen is serving up something with a twist. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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The Green Stuff
Seaweed is being used more in the mainstream food industry in new and interesting ways. Margot Knight finds out why seaweed has become increasingly popular in recent years.
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Come Rain or Shine
Food truck businesses are affected by the weather and yet some rain-drenched cities are home to thriving street food communities. Margot Knight finds out how leading gourmet food truck businesses are achieving success, despite the weather.
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The New Kid
A staple in many countries, goat meat is slowly making its way into the world of the UK foodie. Stephanie Phillips finds out why goat meat is now becoming more popular in the UK.
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In a Pickle
From kimchi and sauerkraut to sourdough breads and Herman the fermentation trend is kicking off with a vengeance. Charlotte Richardson Andrews takes a look at why fermenting is so popular right now.
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Sugar Free Scoops
As consumers become more aware of how much sugar is in each scoop of ice cream, brands have started to offer alternative choices. Sonia Sharma finds out more about healthy ice cream.
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Fat of the Land
Artificial trans fats have been placed in the spotlight as the US FDA looks to phase out the use of partially hydrogenated oils. Inside Food discusses what a change in regulation might mean for the food industry.
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Next issue preview

Many consumers still want to enjoy a good meal at Christmas while keeping to an alternative diet. We take a look at how the food industry is revolutionising Christmas dinner.

Also we take a look at the latest coconut offshoot to hit the aisles, coconut chips, find out more about Macadamia nut oil, look at the rise of Spanish cuisine, ask why consumers are going grain free and find out why lobbyists believe popcorn manufacturers are ‘misleading’ consumers.

Moreover, in the wake of several health scares and recalls we ask does there need to be changes to the way we test food products and, finally, we speak to researchers from a project mapping the emmer wheat genome to find out how the project could impact global food supply.

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