Issue 11

January’s edition of Inside Food profiles the chokeberry which has started to go by its more palatable name of aronia, launching itself to superfood status, in addition to analysing how the Canadian dish poutine is rising in popularity within the UK.

We also visit the Speciality Chocolate Fair in London to discover the latest confectionary trends, as well as looking at how Japanese cuisine is taking over the industry and find out more about the reinvigorated approach to condiments.

Moreover, we explore the seasonal food range by talking to experts about the benefits that it can bring, profile the minimalist methods of chutney manufacturer Rubies in the Rubble, and learn more about flavour masking technology.

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In this issue

Image Overhaul
The chokeberry, as it used to be known, has been given a new lease of life with a different name. Sonia Sharma finds out how the aronia berry has been given a chance at superfood fame.
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Canada’s Pride
The carb heavy Canadian dish poutine, chips with gravy and cheese curds, has quietly yet swiftly taken over the UK food market. Stephanie Phillips takes a look at poutine to discover why it is so popular.
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The Treats
Inside Food visited the Speciality Chocolate Fair in London to discover the latest trends and innovations in the confectionery industry.
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Japan in the UK
The popularity of Wagamama and other chains has pushed Japanese cuisine into the mainstream as even supermarkets are now supplying their own versions. Charlotte Richardson Andrews takes a look at how Japanese cuisine is taking over the industry.
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In a Jam
Jams, relishes and sauces were previously the last addition to any table. Now, as Stephanie Phillips discovers, thanks to a reinvigorated approach, condiments are having their moment in the culinary spotlight.
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Seasons in the Sun
The food industry’s focus on provenance and locality allows for a greater focus on seasonality. Inside Food speaks to industry experts to discover the benefits of eating seasonally.
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Simply Surplus
As the UK government calls out for a reduction of food waste, seasonal chutney manufacturer Rubies in the Rubble has taken a minimalist approach to its produce. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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A Spoonful of Smoothenol
In today’s pro-health environment, it’s no longer sugar that helps the medicine go down, its flavour masking technology – and it’s used in food too. Margot Knight learns about Sensient Flavors’ latest approach known as Smoothenol 2G.
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Next issue preview

According to the world’s leading chocolate supplier, the Barry Callebaut Group, the world is running out of chocolate. We take an in-depth look at the reasons behind the shortage.

In the latest issue of Inside Food we find out more about the robotic technology leading the industry, discover how smoked flavours are being used to create exciting new taste sensations, profile a new edible coating for cheese that has an antimicrobial capacity to increase the lifespan and find out more about the millennial consumer.

Moreover, we discover how the industry can tap into the ever growing vegan movement, look at the evolution of salt and speak to course leaders at the new food management course at Nottingham Trent University about addressing the skills gap in the industry.

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