Safe Water Integrity: Unique Environmental Detection Solutions

With only 3% of fresh reserves globally, water is becoming a scarce resource. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) strives to preserve our environment with state-of-the-art detection solutions that secure water distribution in municipalities, industries and for populations all around the world.

ENDETEC™ is the 'global sensor platform' of VWS, dedicated to delivering sustainable 'safe water integrity' with an innovative portfolio of technologies. The solutions from ENDETEC ensure your water quality by providing continuous 24/7 monitoring of contamination as well as early warning detection of bacteria and chemical pollutants.

Our specialised technology centre in Kingston, Canada, develops rapid automated microbiological detection technologies, while our Neuchâtel, Switzerland, centre manufactures multiparameter electro-chemical in-line sensors for water system optimisation.

Our distribution is assured by a dedicated network of professional agencies and partners, making the solutions from ENDETEC available all around the globe.

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