Certification of Food-Safe Equipment, Materials and Services

HACCP International is an organisation with global reach in the science of applied food safety. Unlike other organisations, our specialisation in a single field provides for impressive knowledge of the processes, risks and controls within this demanding industry.

Our technical team are amongst the most accomplished food scientists in key industry sectors including beverages, dairy, baking, processing, prepared meals, retail and food service, to name a few.

We are food people and know the international food industry intimately, from the smallest outlets to the largest multi-national manufacturers. We provide design input, programmes and products for some of the world's best known brands.

Collectively, we have contributed to food production and food safety management around the globe. We have audited, provided technical support or assisted with the direct production of food on every continent.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our global team and our philosophy of continuous improvement and growth - growth for our customers, improvement in food safety management and professional growth for our staff.

With local offices strategically located in the world's key markets, our reach is extensive and our market support robust.

Our certification mark is internationally recognised as representing the highest standards in food safety.

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