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EnviroChemie specialises in a wide range of water and wastewater treatments. Our team provides planning, building, consulting and maintenance services on water treatment plants, which can be designed to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Advanced water treatment technologies and customised plant solutions

We supply high-tech products based on chemico-physical, biological and membrane processes, the quality of which is proven by our numerous developments and patents. The sale of more than 30,000 plants has given us the knowledge to further improve existing industrial water and wastewater technologies. Our continuous technological research allows us to consistently meet the requirements of our customers.

Compact water and wastewater treatment plants

EnviroChemie’s products include compact small plants and individually designed facilities, which are assembled on-site or delivered as modular systems. Our solutions comprise plant solutions for water recycling, zero liquid discharge requirements and bio-gas production, which can save resources and reduce energy costs.

Customised treatment solutions are tested in our technology centre or in pilot plants. We regularly contribute in national and international research projects for the development of future technologies.

Applications for water and wastewater treatments in the food processing industry

EnviroChemie offers a variety of different plant solutions for all types of water treatment, which are implemented in the food processing industry.

Plant solutions can be used to reduce water consumption and treatment operation costs, as well as certify the necessary water quality for food processing.

Locally manufactured water and wastewater treatment solutions

The plants used in our water and wastewater treatments are grown in three workshops in Germany and Switzerland, which have a total area of 5,000m². Our skilled workforce also configures the system controls and assemble the control cabinets in the electrical engineering department.

We also offer in-depth customer and engineering consultancy services, in addition to laboratory analysis on pilot plants to test the operation of treatment services.

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Press Release

ReAK International Research Project to Study The Reduction of Arsenic Content in Copper Concentrates

As a research partner, EnviroChemie is developing an efficient oxidation process to convert arsenic from copper concentrates into a harmless, disposable form.

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Recovering Energy in the Dairy Processing Industry using Anaerobic Technology for Wastewater Treatment

Dairy processing plant wastewater is highly suited to biological treatment processing.

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Press Release

9th April 2020

As a research partner, EnviroChemie is developing an efficient oxidation process to convert arsenic from copper concentrates into a harmless, disposable form.

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6th April 2020

EnviroChemie is taking the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) very seriously and is doing its bit to slow down the spread of the virus.

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24th April 2019

German industrial water technology provider EnviroChemie has acquired Processing AB, a Swedish provider of water treatment plants for the pool and spa sector, as well as water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

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8th May 2018

During the Anuga FoodTec trade fair in Cologne, EnviroChemie will be presented with the dairy technology prize 2018 in the environment and sustainability category.

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1st May 2018

British provider of on-site waste-to-energy plants for the food and drink sector Clearfleau has been acquired by the German water treatment company EnviroChemie, which is part of SKion’s water portfolio.

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24th April 2018

EnviroChemie has won the dairy technology prize for its sustainable water technology for dairies, which is designed to save energy, resources and operating costs.

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17th April 2017

Envirochemie has announced that Dr. Jörg Krause has joined its management board, appointed chief executive officer (CEO) with responsibility for operation management and customer service, as well as research & development (R&D).

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11th April 2017

To expand its production capacity, fruit processing company Fidel Dreher has expanded its wastewater treatment plant in the Lake Constance region, Germany.

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4th April 2017

At the end of 2015, EnviroChemie's senior management decided to introduce an integrated management system (IMS) to regulate quality, environment, energy, and health and safety based on current international standards.

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18th April 2016

A new production facility is under operation in Rossdorf following EnviroChemie's 40th anniversary.

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6th January 2016

At the beginning of this year, EnviroChemie's new production facility in Rossdorf will be in full operation.

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10th November 2015

Envirochemie has won a contract for the planning, construction, and commission of two biological wastewater treatment plants for ABC Atlas Bottling Maroc.

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16th August 2015

EnviroChemie has received German utility model protection for the Flomar® series’ specific dissolved-air flotation system.

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