TOTAL Oil Australia NEVASTANE Food Grade Lubricants

TOTAL Oil Australia provides the TOTAL solution for all lubricant requirements for the food and beverage industry, including speciality products, aerosols, greases and oils.

TOTAL Oil has developed the NEVASTANE product range to meet all of your food grade lubrication requirements. The NEVASTANE range of lubricants is NSF H1 registered, and is designed for incidental food contact. NEVASTANE is GMO and allergen free, and has Halal approved certification.

NEVASTANE lubricants can be used in all applications, including oven chains, bearings, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, gears, conveyors and freezer chains. They are currently used in food processing plants worldwide.

Food safety services

TOTAL Lubricants’ ISO 21469 certification for the production of the NEVASTANE range is an additional guarantee of our long-term commitment to food safety. TOTAL services are available for all industrial segments, and include:

  • Plant and stock audit
  • Lubrication training
  • Rationalisation of products
  • Assistance for a smooth transition to the TOTAL product range
  • Lubrication scheduling
  • Oil analysis
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Excellent price structure
  • TOTAL OEM approval qualification

Food grade lubricants

Health and safety are priorities for food and drink manufacturers. When it comes to production equipment, lubrication keeps the business of feeding the nation on track.

Food grade lubricants must provide protection against wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation, dissipate heat and transfer power, be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials, as well as provide a sealing effect in some cases.

In addition, they must resist degradation from food products, chemicals and water/steam, must exhibit a neutral behaviour toward plastics and elastomers, and have the ability to dissolve sugars. These oils must also comply with food safety regulations, as well as be physiologically inert, tasteless and odourless, and meet international standards.

NEVASTANE lubricating oils

Oils are recommended for any high-pressure hydraulic system and/or air-line lubricators in the food processing industries. The NEVASTANE AW formulation is based on white mineral oil and high-performance additives that provide excellent protection of equipment even at high temperatures. This oil is recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur. Using maintenance lubricants which have been registered H1 with NSF minimises your critical control points as required by HACCP.

NEVASTANE SL can be used in the following applications: compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic oils. The NEVASTANE SL formulation is 100% synthetic and based on PAO. It provides superior protection and longer service life for lubricated equipment. This oil is recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur.

NEVASTANE Chain Oil XT is a high-performance chain oil specially designed for the lubrication of any control, drive and transport chains subject to high temperatures and loads in the food industries. It has an operating temperature of up to 250ºC and is designed for very high load ratings. It has excellent protection against wear and leaves very low deposits. NEVASTANE Chain Oil XT is especially effective in bakeries (oven chains) and slaughterhouses (transport chains). This product can be used where conditions are severe; e.g. high loads, very high temperatures, humidity, dust/dirt.

Food grade lubricants – greases and speciality products

The NEVASTANE range also includes a variety of greases and speciality lubrication products:

  • NEVASTANE SFG – synthetic, high-temperature grease used in bearing ovens, freezing tunnels; it has excellent water resistant properties
  • NEVASTANE HT/AW – multipurpose grease with excellent protection against corrosion and resistance to water
  • NEVASTANE Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) – heat transfer fluid for circuits, reactors, ovens presses and moulds; it has exceptional resistance to temperature with exceptional service life under severe conditions
  • NEVASTANE Antifreeze – MPG based anti-freeze for cooling of circuits and for specific protection of alloys and metal equipment against corrosion
  • NEVASTANE Sugar Dissolving Oil – dissolves sugar accumulated on equipment in production and packaging areas; it has excellent sugar dissolving properties, resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs and shutdowns

The TOTAL solution for all your lubrication needs

TOTAL is dedicated to providing excellent service and solutions to the food and beverage industry. With its major investment and collaboration with food processing equipment manufacturers, TOTAL Oil Australia has the right products for your application.

When choosing NEVASTANE, you know you have found a partner that will stand by you to ensure the safety of your food production while optimising your productivity and maintenance costs. The large variety of the NEVASTANE range allows you to cover all of your needs for maintenance and speciality lubricants.

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