FOSS At-Line, In-Line and Laboratory Analytical Solutions for Food Production

FOSS is a leading supplier of dedicated analytical solutions for the food, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our groundbreaking analytical solutions help you to tackle business challenges such as pressure on margins, new demands on product quality and the need for sustainable farming and manufacturing. Specifically, FOSS helps you to optimise use of raw materials, match production targets more closely and produce consistently high-quality products.

At-line and in-line analysis of food products

Analysis is no longer the preserve of technicians working in the laboratory. Increasingly, it is performed by the new guardians of product consistency – production operators working in the factory.

FOSS is at the forefront, developing analysis technology that goes hand-in-hand with process environments; for example, with robust at-line analysers for regular testing of food products directly at the production line.

Robust at-line food analysers

The FoodScan™ analyser is just one example of an effective solution for routine analysis either in the laboratory, in the control room or, in a robust production model form, close to the production line. Providing accurate results within a minute, the FoodScan helps production personnel to match targets closely for improved quality and savings in raw material.

You can develop your analysis strategy further with on-line process control solutions that deliver a regular stream of accurate result data for use by your control system. And you can discover the ultimate in control in the form of in-line systems that continuously measure material directly in the process stream.

In-line analysers for cheese production

The Profoss™ is an in-line process analysis solution employing high-resolution near infrared analysis technology for accurate monitoring of the production process.

Advantages include improved yield and profit achieved through savings in raw materials and consistent product quality. For instance, in fresh cheese production, the primary profit driver is to optimise the total solids level. More accurate control of the total solids content with ProFoss helps you to hit production target specifications more consistently for increased yield and less rework.

In-line meat analysers

Another in-line solution is the MeatMaster™. It uses dual source X-ray to scan fresh, frozen or packed meat for fat content, while also checking for foreign objects. The accuracy of the dual X-ray technology allows you to control fat content of end products to an accuracy of between 0.4%-0.6%. You can make optimal use of raw materials to get the fat content exactly right and avoid the wastage of out-of-specification products.

Rapid and safe chemical analysis

In the field of wet chemistry, our radically improved Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, Weende and van Soest wet chemistry reference methods dramatically cut laboratory time and costs. The chemical analysis methods can either be used as independent laboratory systems to provide reliable results based on wet chemistry analysis or, because of their accuracy and precision, they can be used to create valid calibrations for NIR / NIT analysis systems.

Dedicated analytical solutions for food production

When you work with FOSS, you will get more than just a piece of hardware. Our analytical solutions are provided in the form of a ‘dedicated analytical solution’, giving you all you need to get analytical results simply, quickly and reliably in your field of work.

Solutions include critical factors for success in routine analysis such as support from qualified experts, a range of after-sales services, unique patented technologies, pre-calibrated instruments and internet-based technology.

Naturally, solutions also comply with major global standards, and have a large number of approvals.

Support services for at-line and in-line analysis of food products

FOSS support services are performed by trained local personnel who are prepared to ensure that your FOSS solution runs optimally, hour after hour and year after year. Services are based on decades of experience in supporting food and agriculture businesses around the globe – a unique factor that helps us to deliver unrivalled knowledge and support to your doorstep.

Ongoing innovation in routine analysis

Over 10% of turnover is invested in engineering talent, R&D facilities and industry research to ensure that we always stay one step ahead of demands for routine analysis.

Not only does this help you to improve yields and profit, it also helps you to deliver high quality, safe products in a sustainable way.

What can routine analysis do for you?

Discuss the possibilities with your local FOSS representative.

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FOSS has produced a video that explores various aspects of infrared analysis technology - a rapidly developing technology area


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Press Release

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FOSS has produced a video that explores various aspects of infrared analysis technology - a rapidly developing technology area

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