Niche Gas Products Compressed Gas Control Equipment for Food Packaging Lines

Niche Gas Products (NGP) provides modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and gas control solutions for the food processing industry.

The company’s portfolio includes portable and desktop gas analysers, gas and flow controllers, gas mixers and food packaging leak detection equipment. It has decades of experience within the sector and has built strong partnerships with suppliers worldwide and customers in Australia / New Zealand.

NGP’s gas control equipment includes custom regulators, high-pressure gas hoses, flashback arrestors (FBA), manifolds and connections.

Gas control equipment for food gas flushing applications

NGP’s wide range of equipment is used to deliver and control gas from bulk or packaged supply, mix gases, as well as detect and analyse gas. The company understands the entire gas system for food gas flushing applications.

The company has an exclusive arrangement with WITT Gastechnik & LifeGuard Technologies that allows NGP to offer after-sales support for WITT’s gas mixers and analysers, including the Oxybaby, MFA, PA and EASY brands.

Available gas analysers include the Oxybaby M+, the Oxybaby 6.0, MAPY 4.0, MAPY VAC, PA 7.0 and Oxybeam.

NGP offers a repair service for popular gas equipment brands, including CIGWELD, Harris, BOC, Gas-arc and Victor.

Handheld gas analyser for measuring modified atmosphere packaging

NGP delivers WITT’s mobile gas analyser OXYBABY. This battery operated device detects oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in MAP.

For use in packing areas, within QA packaging centres or laboratories,  OXYBABY offers accurate samples and has an ergonomic design. It is easy-to-use and compatible with USB or Bluetooth connection (Oxybaby 6.0).

The Oxybaby 6.0 model can be combined with barcode readers, documentation software and desktop piercers for measuring gases inside bottles or cans.

The device sounds an alarm if there is a blockage in the needle or filter, avoiding inaccurate measurements and allowing consistent flow control.

Desktop analysers that further integrate into systems networking are also available. These have higher specified sensors.

Food packing solutions and leak detection equipment

NGP provides MAP gas mixers by WITT to control gas quality and safety in food packaging lines. Protective gases increase quality control, improve shelf-life and prevent product contamination. The gas is suitable for vacuum packaging, thermoforming, flow packs or chamber-packed machines.

Including the KM Flow, KM100 MEM, KM100 MEM+ and CO trimix-Mixer, WITT’s gas mixing systems are customised to meet clients’ specific requirements in terms of product type and processing. Solutions are developed in close collaboration with Australian food safety and research institutes, as well as being certified to ISO: 22000 standards.

NGP’s leak detection units are used for random offline sampling or fully integrated into the packaging line. This cost-effective solution improves product quality and reduces the number of returned goods. There are water bath, vacuum models (EASY) or CO2 sniffer types, the latter enabling 100% non-destructive testing of the entire production (MAPMAX). The LEAK-MASTER® PRO provides non-destructive leak detection without the need for helium.

Ambient air monitoring for food processing plants

NGP supplies ambient air monitoring devices made by WITT. These durable machines protect against area gas leaks arising from food, chemical processing and waste management industries.

WITT’s RLA and RLA100 devices are used to monitor the concentration of oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen. The unit activates an acoustic and visual alarm when pre-determined limits are exceeded.

For example, a concentration of 0.3% carbon dioxide in ambient air can be a health hazard. At 5%, headaches and dizziness may occur, while 8% can lead to unconsciousness or death. Therefore, using WITT’s equipment increases employee safety.

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