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Munters Frost Prevention in Freezing and Cold Storage with Humidity Control

Control moisture, humidity, and condensation

Munters design and manufacture products for controlling moisture, humidity and condensation, while optimising conveying, mixing, blending, drying, cooling, packing and general storage applications.

Dehumidified air combats mould growth and increases refrigeration efficiency. Through frost-free cooling, dehumidification and humidity control, Munters prevent products gaining moisture, sticking and creating costly quality, hygiene and wastage issues.

Munters ICE-DRY®, a simple solution for ice and condensation prevention

Freezing equipment is designed for a specific level of production and frost on evaporators impedes and interrupts extended operation. It becomes difficult to maintain the temperature inside the freezer, making it necessary to either defrost or lower the rate of throughput to achieve correct freezing temperatures.

Munters Ice-Dry® desiccant dehumidifier prevents condensation and ice build-up, providing higher production rates and reduced downtime caused by icing.

Ice build-up on conveyor belts and cooling coils comes from surrounding air leaking into the freezer, as well as moisture evaporating from the product. Dehumidification practically eliminates frost build-up, resulting in reduced defrosting cycles and spoilage, uninterrupted production and higher profits.

With Munters Ice-Dry® humidity control, mould growth is reduced and sanitation improved.

Keeping cold-store floors and doors dry and ice-free

It is impossible to prevent air from entering a cold store, but Munters Ice-Dry® dehumidification removes the moisture in the air that forms ice. Condensation also causes fog around doorways, blinding strip curtains and obstructing views in traffic ways.

Apart from safety issues, ice also prevents the free operation of cold store and air lock doors, preventing them from sealing properly, or even lifting them out of their runners. Smooth operation requires people to regularly chip away the ice by hand, a time consuming job.

The ice also effects the efficiency of the refrigeration system, increasing defrost cycles and degrading temperature control. All air holds water; warm air holds more water than cold air. This is why water condenses out on cold surfaces and forms ice and frost. Munters tackle the cause of the problem by removing the moisture from the air, so it can’t condense out and form ice on cooling coils, floors, walls or air locks.

Increased freezer production

Munters Ice-Dry® dehumidification reduces maintenance on doors and refrigeration machinery, reduces down time, speeds-up loading and unloading and increases efficiency and throughput.

By removing the moisture that normally condenses on evaporating coils, the coils run more efficiently and much longer between defrosts. One cold-store using Ice-Dry® saved €16,000 in 8 months through increased energy efficiency.

As humid air infiltrates into air-locks and cold-stores through dock doors, Munters Ice-Dry® dehumidification captures it and removes the moisture before it condenses onto cold surfaces.

Dehumidification for increased refrigeration efficiency

As the humid air passes through the Munters Ice-Dry® humidity control system, the moisture is removed and very dry air is returned into the area, flowing across the cold store doors and floors at the rear of loading docks, providing the driest air to the coldest surfaces.

This dry air keeps surfaces free of ice build-up and rapidly removes condensation. This gives quality, productivity and energy savings by simply mastering the relative humidity of the air.

With more than 440 Munters Ice-Dry® humidity control systems installed and over 28 offices globally, we have excellent know how and the capability to supply complete dehumidification climate solutions.

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Press Release

Munter’s IceDry – the Perfect Solution for Cornelis Vrolijk’s Problems

Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserijmaatschappij is an internationally orientated fishing company, specialised in catching and freezing pelagic fish species. The roots of the company go back to 1880, when Frank Vrolijk started the company, buying and selling fresh fish in Scheveningen (Netherlands). In 18

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High-Quality Air for High-Quality Food

As the world's biggest supplier of desiccant dehumidifiers and air handling solutions, Munters has extensive experience as to techniques to fully control climate conditions.

Munters Global Food Management Centre

Air Treatment

10 Ramsay Court, Hinchingbrooke Business Park


PE29 6FY, Cambridgeshire

United Kingdom

+44 1480 410223

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Press Release

8th December 2016

Ardo produces frozen vegetables and ready-made meals, and is one of Europe's leading suppliers. The factory in Nyborg, Denmark, produces 40-50 million bags of 150g - 2,500g annually. About 85 people work in three shifts in the production section, where advanced mixing and weighing facilities prov

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9th July 2015

Munters plans to acquire HB Group, an international company that specialises in customised hygienic climate control systems for the food and dairy industries.

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4th December 2012

Dry air from a Munters dehumidifier has enabled a Danish fish slaughtery to fulfil strict demands from authorities.

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25th October 2012

Munters' solution for Kitchen Range Foods was to install a Munters IceDry MLT1400 desiccant dehumidifier inside the cold store in order to target moisture at source.

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16th March 2012

Munters Quantum™ rotors have recently been proven by SIK (The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology) to have both bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

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15th February 2012

As the world leader in energy efficient desiccant dehumidifiers Munters is constantly refining the desiccant wheel technique, materials and capacity.

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2nd December 2010

Based on the MCD standalone unit, Munters has launched the configurable dehumidification system iDry. This modular pre-engineered desiccant system offers full temperature and humidity control with a large number of options available to meet your individual requirements: Dehumidific

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1st December 2010

Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserijmaatschappij is an internationally orientated fishing company, specialised in catching and freezing pelagic fish species. The roots of the company go back to 1880, when Frank Vrolijk started the company, buying and selling fresh fish in Scheveningen (Netherlands). In 18

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17th March 2010

Master-bakery van Maanen have been active as a bread and pastry producer for over 100 years, with sales in their own chain of stores. With almost 50 shops, van Maanen has become a well-known name in the area between Amsterdam and The Hague. In the bakery, craftsmanship is still important. The bak

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17th March 2010

Protos, the well-known Spanish winery, produce around three million bottles of wine per year and their wineries are equipped with the most advanced technology. Protos boasts several wineries in different geographic areas that are different but with the same aim; the search of quality above all. P

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17th March 2010

With almost 2,000 employees, Kraft Foods Nordic is the leading Nordic supplier of chocolate, snacks, food and coffee with brands like Freia, Marabou, Daim, Japp, Twist, Kraft and Philadelphia. At the chocolate factory for Marabou, north of Stockholm in Sweden, confectionery products ar

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31st January 2008

Flanders-based company Pinguin is known throughout the world for the preparation of frozen vegetables. To combat the frost problems which threatened to plague their operations in Westrozebeke and Langemark, Pinguin approached Munters for help with two important projects. In Langemark, t

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31st January 2008

Confremar SA in Madrid manufactures and distributes frozen products. The company's lines include: frozen fish, shellfish, pre-cooked products and vegetables. Confremar also hire cold storage to other frozen product companies so it is very important for them to provide cold storage with

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18th December 2007

The Essarts poultry plant in France has resolved its problem of frost, condensation and water droplets by drying the air. Manufactures quickly realised that it is in their interest to regulate the temperature in factory workshops but are less quick to tackle humidity in the atmosphere. The pre

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13th February 2007

Martin Olsson is Sweden's biggest supplier of food and drink to the catering trade. At the 1,890m² cold store in Stockholm, real problems were being experienced with the formation of ice and frost in the cold store and in the two air locks. "We very frequently have forklift tru

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5th December 2006

Rahbek Fisk is one of Europe's leading producers of frozen fish products and ready meals. Its 250 staff at two sites each produce approximately 12,000 tonnes of ready-prepared products annually for catering and retail customers, of which approximately 85% are exported. At the factory in

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8th November 2006

The company Jago is a leading distributor of frozen foods and ice cream on the Polish market. Problems with ice and frost used to significantly hinder operations within their coldstore, which has an area of several thousand square metres. Continual inflow of warm air from the loading a

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26th October 2006

Munters IceDry® frost prevention method wins 2006 European FoodTec Silver Innovation Award. The IceDry® frost prevention method has been developed by Munters for use in freezing and storage facilities, resulting in faster freezing, frost free storage, reduced accidents on slippery floor

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26th September 2006

At Coldstar in Vejle, Denmark, a cold store at 125,000m3 functions as a transit and distribution store for customers within the catering industry and supermarkets all over Denmark. Approximately 30 people are employed at this highly advanced cold store which meets all requirements for the unbrok

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Regional Offices

Munters Australia

Unit 2, 148 James Ruse Drive

Parramatta NSW 2150


+61 2 8843 1588
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+55 41 3317 5050 +55 41 3317 5080
Munters Air Treatment Equipment (Beijing) Co. Ltd

No 12 Yu Hua Road

Industrial Zone Area B

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Beijing 101300


+86 10 80 486121 +86 10 804 83493
Munters CZ, organizační složka

Air Treatment

Slevacská 2368/ 68

CZ-615 00 BRNO

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+420 544 211 434
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Ryttermarken 4

DK3520 Farum


+45 44 95 33 55 +45 44 95 39 55
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Hakamäenkuja 3

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+358 207 768 230
Munters France

106, Boulevard Heloise

F-95815 Argenteuil


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Munters Germany

Hans-Duncker-Str. 8




+49 40 8796900
Munters Italy

Strada Piani

18027 Chiusavecchia


+39 0183 52 1377
Munters India Humidity Control Pvt Ltd

304, PT Gera Centre, Dhole Patil Road

Pune 411 001


+91 20 668 18 900
Munters Japan

272, Funado 3chome

Itabashiki, Tokyo 1740041


+81 3 5970 0021 +81 3 5970 3197
Munters Mexico

Av. Milenium No. 5000

Fracc. Parque Industrial Milenium

NL CP 66000



+52 8182625400
Munters Netherlands

PO Box 229

NL2400 AE Alphen a/d Rijn


+31 172 433 231 +31 172 442 960
Munters Poland

Ul. Swietojanska 55/3A

81-391 Gdynia


+48 58 305 35 17 +48 58 305 34 53
Munters Singapore

No 6 Genting Road

Hex 0400


Jubilee Industrial Estate


+65 744 6828 +65 744 9585
Munters South Africa

22 Angus Crescent Longmeadow Bussiness Estate

Edenvale 1610 Gauteng

South Africa

+27 11 9972000 +27 11 608 3503
Munters Korea

Daeha B/D 808 14-11 Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-ku

150-715 Seoul

South Korea

+82 2 761 8701
Munters Spain SA

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Europa Empresarial, ED Londres

E28230 Las Matas Madrid


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+41 52 343 88 86 +41 52 343 88 87
Munters Sweden

PO Box 1188

164 26 Kista


+46 8 626 6300 +46 8 626 6365
Munters Global Food Management Centre

Air Treatment

10 Ramsay Court, Hinchingbrooke Business Park


PE29 6FY, Cambridgeshire

United Kingdom

+44 1480 410223
Munters Thailand

121/107 RS Tower Bldg. 40th Fl.

Zone B Ratchadaphisek Rd., Dindaeng




+66 2 6422 670 +66 2 6422 674
Munters Turkey

AirT, SCC, AgHort

Atasehir Bulvari Gardenya Plaza 5 Kat: 6

34758 Atasehir



+90 216 548 14 44 +90 216 548 14 40
Munters UAE

Jebel Ali Free Zone

Warehouse DA02, DA03

PO Box 18467


United Arab Emirates

+971 48876462 +971 48808201 (direct) +971 506784414 (mobile) +971 48808109
Munters Corporation US

PO Box 640

Amesbury, MA 01913

United States of America

+1 978 241 1100 +1 978 241 1214
Munters Netherlands BV honv Munters Vochtbeheersing

Energieweg 69

NL-2404 HE Alphen a/d Rijn


+31 172 43 32 31 +31 172 44 29 60
Munters Vietnam

Dehumidification and HumiCool

Unit A, OSIC Building, (Nguyen Hue St. District 1)

Ho Chi Minh City


+84 8 8256 838

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