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Drummoyne Group Services is a project and service business established in 2000 to meet the demands of the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Starting as Drummoyne Refrigeration and supplying skilled contract labour to major project engineering organisations such as APV Australia and GEA, in 2008 we became Drummoyne Group Services.

We are a food, beverage and petrochemical plant installation and supply organisation complemented by our ever-growing service arm.

Industrial refrigeration experts

We pride ourselves on our expertise in industrial refrigeration with an emphasis on ammonia plants as well as hydro carbon and fluorocarbon refrigeration (Freon).

We provide a refrigeration plant service with 24/7 on-call licensed refrigeration mechanics and fully equipped service vehicles. We also offer refrigeration and food manufacturing spare parts, and can provide both new and used refrigeration and food processing equipment.

Plate heat exchanger installation and refurbishment

We are plate heat exchanger installation and refurbishment experts for industries from milk production and brewing across to energy co-generation and chemical manufacturing.

Sanitary pipe fitting and welding

Our mechanical service supply and installation capabilities cover stainless-steel piping and valves, copper piping and valves, and carbon steel piping and valves.

We have a skilled installation team credited with sanitary stainless-steel pipe fitting and welding, high-pressure gas and steam pipe fitting and welding, and general fabrication works.

Refrigeration and air conditioning plant installation

We also offer air conditioning plant installation with 24/7 licensed service. Our plant installation team is comprised of licensed fitters, refrigeration mechanics, welders and electricians.

Dairy services

We have experienced dairy plant process fitters on our staff, and we offer a complete sanitary pump, pasteuriser and valve service.

Grape processing equipment for the wine industry

We are also a major service and parts supplier to the wine industry, covering pumps, valves, tanks and grape processing equipment.

Drummoyne Group Services customers

Drummoyne Group Services has worked with many respected and well-known food and beverage companies. Our customers include:

  • Primo Smallgoods (refrigeration service and equipment supply)
  • Vittoria Coffee (roasting plant installation)
  • Rydal Belting (spiral freezer installation)
  • M&J Chickens (spiral freezer / chiller installation)
  • DSM Foods (minus 50 freezer store installation)
  • Roche Diagnostics (freezer store and air conditioning service)
  • Parmalat Foods (dairy process equipment maintenance and refrigeration)
  • Pools Rock Wines (grape process equipment service)
  • Brokenwood wines (grape process equipment service)
  • Beelgara Estate wines (grape process equipment service)
  • Worley Parsons Energy and Resource (plate heat exchanger service)
  • SPX Flow Technology (food process service)
  • Grace concrete additives (bulk liquids storage farm installation)
  • AGL (petro chemical production)

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