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Uhde High Pressure Technologies (Uhde HPT) is a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp, which designs and manufactures high-pressure processing (HPP) plants in various sizes. It provides HPP systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on safety, reliability, and engineering.

With more than 80 years of experience, and a global presence, it is a world leader in high-pressure engineering, providing high-quality products as well as having in-house steel manufacturing.

Eliminating contaminants in food production without preservatives

For customers in the food industry wanting to produce safe, clean, and fresh products, Uhde HPT’s product range also includes systems that gently cure food through the HPP process. This technology means products can be treated in their final packages, allowing for elimination of contaminants.

This technique also preserves vitamins, flavours and tastes. Furthermore, it allows the processing of thermally susceptible products, as the process is conducted at cool temperatures. It is a safe, biological process that is sustainable, extending shelf-life without the use of preservatives. In addition, the process does not create any waste products.

Machines at Uhde HPT’s industrial production facilities have capacities of up to 700l, and have operating pressures of 6,000bar. Its technical innovations and experience with related products such as high-pressure pumps, valves, piping, and vessels, make it possible to conduct safely at such high pressures.

Uhde HPT also manufactures plants for the sterilisation of spores and germs. These operate at 7,000bar, at temperatures of up to 121°C. Uhde HPT also offers test and laboratory machines, with capacities of up to 2l-4l for process development.

Pasteurisation equipment for the food industry

Uhde HPT supplies pumps for the chemical and waterjet industry; valves, vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, and tubing for the petrochemical industry; and complete turnkey plants for the food and pharmaceutical industries for pasteurisation and extraction purposes.

Applications up to 14,000bar are accepted. The HPP plants are designed, manufactured and tested in-house at the Uhde HPT facility in Hagen, Germany.

High-pressure pasteurising plants in varying sizes

Uhde HPT produce several sizes of HPP plants to match customer requirements. These range from the smallest machine at 55l, which is able to treat small batches; to the biggest machine at 350l, which is used for higher capacities with bigger output.

Also available is a premium machine of 700l, which consists of two high-pressure vessels and one pressure system to reach largest output. All of these machines will match already existing production lines and the team of engineers support the customer with tubing or electrical engineering.

Installation, training and maintenance of HPP machines

A team of process engineers and specialists support potential clients with product developments. The testing of products and microbiological investigations are also included in Uhde HPT’s service.

Detailed training will be provided during plant installation, allowing the customer to perform the majority of maintenance work themselves. Many innovations are included to help with this.

With many subsidiaries worldwide, thyssenkrupp is able to serve customers’ needs after installation. All machines are connected online to reach specialists in Germany, which provide support to solve any issues.

Customised high-pressure systems and extraction machines

In addition to the HPP systems, Uhde HPT specialises in its unique, customised, high-pressure systems. These obtain extracts from organic materials such as spices, herbs and algae for new tastes and special ingredients. This achieved through using supercritical gases such as carbon dioxide.

Uhde HPT extraction systems are able to prepare specific powders for the food industry, such as spice extracts and the decaffeination of coffee or tea. They can also prepare powders for the pharmaceutical industry through impregnation processing methods.

Industrial and high-pressure technology

Uhde HPT is one of the leading companies in industrial high-pressure technology and claims market leadership. Since the founding of the company, it has been developing and building high-pressure systems with innovative applications, processes and components.

Customers appreciate the high-quality products and services and their constant refinement, at both a national and international level.

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