FluidMix Agitation Systems Manufacturer for the Food Industry

FluidMix designs and manufactures specialised processing equipment, specialising in liquid and solid agitators.

With more than 25 years’ experience, the company provides mixing tanks, storage tanks, heat exchangers and conveying systems for applications in the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

FluidMix also refurbishes outdated and worn mixers by modifying components and performing maintenance services.

Mixing technology for solid and liquid food manufacturing facilities

FluidMix provides agitation solutions for a wide variety of food processing operations, including manufacturing lines for fruit juice concentrates, beverages, chocolates, sauces, honey, milk, oil and sugar.

The company’s flexible mixing units are designed to specialise in many different tasks, including blending, dispersion, homogenising and heat exchange. The materials and components are carefully selected to meet stringent industry requirements, including good manufacturing practices (GMP) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Customised mixing solutions for blending, homogenising and crystallising food products

FluidMix’s industrial agitators T, G, R and B are designed to provide custom-built solutions for blending, mixing, homogenising, crystallising, suspending heat exchange and gas purging applications.

Each agitator can be driven by a motor or a gear motor and is available with a timing belt. They can handle volumes between 5l and ten million litres with either a fixed or variable-frequency inverter.

Designed to meet GMP standards, the mixers are available in steel or stainless-steel with a choice of coatings such as polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

Mixers for low-viscosity liquids

FluidMix’s high-speed M mixer is suitable for processing low-viscosity liquids such as fruit juices, vegetable juices and milk. This easy-to-maintain, low-pressure unit can run 24/7 at capacities between 0.12kW and 3kW power.

The M mixer is designed to achieve rotational speeds of 700rpm, 1,000rpm or 1,500rpm, depending on the liquid viscosity and mixing applications. It can process volumes between 60l and 6,000l.

Side-entry mixers for mixing and homogenising large-batch liquid products

FluidMix’s side-entry mixers can be used in mixing and homogenising applications for large batches of product. It is a cost-effective solution for large-diameter mixing tanks and provides a quick and easy mechanical seal.

These low-maintenance units are custom-built to meet client requirements and can handle volumes between 5m3 and 50,000m3. Vacious drive options are also available, including gear motors, motors or timing belts.

Dissolvers and dispersers for deagglomeration and wetting of solids

The FluidMix DM, DB, DH, and DJ systems are dissolvers and dispersers designed as a cost-effective alternative to manual deagglomeration, and for the wetting of solids in a liquid base.

They can be used in the manufacturing processes of foods such as cereals and raisins, as well as applications requiring accurate dosing.

The units can be directly fixed to a tank, handling volumes between 150l and 10,000l.

Multi-shaft mixers for the production of adhesives, sealants and pastes

FluidMix’s multi-shaft mixers TDM and TTM perform a wide range of mixing tasks for the manufacture of low-to-high viscosity adhesives, sealants and other paste products for food packaging applications.

Multiple mounting and lifting options are available, and they can handle volumes rangeing from 200l to 10,000l.

Mixing solutions for settled and stored liquids

FluidMix’s IBC mixers offer a cost-effective solution for mixing liquids that have settled in transportation or storage and need mixing before use.

Using folding agitation elements or propellers with fixed dimensions, the mixers have multiple mounting options available, including wall-mounted, wall-mounted with rollers and mounted to a transportable stand.

Mobile mixers for small-batch manufacturing

FluidMix’s mobile mixer TM is designed for mixing small batches of product with volumes between 5l and 500l.

It can be mounted with a clamp, on a transportable stand, wall-mounted or wall-mounted with rollers.

Magnetic mixers for blending, suspension dissolving and heat transfer in sterile processing

FluidMix’s magnetic mixer B-MG is used for blending, suspension dissolving, gassing and heat-transfer applications within a sterile environment.

Suitable for processing low-to-medium viscous product, the B-MG is reliable and easy-to-maintain. Its rotational speeds and mixing elements are custom-built to meet application requirements.

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