High-Pressure Processing (HPP) Equipment for Packaging and Cartoning Food

High-pressure processig equipment

Hiperbaric is a market leader of high-pressure processing equipment, with more than 150 HPP products installed in 30 countries.

Development of high-pressure processing equipment for the food industry

The company is involved in the design, technological development, production and commercialisation of high-pressure processing equipment.

HPP is a cold processing technique. Sealed products in their final packaging are introduced to a vessel and subjected to a high level of isotactic pressure (300MPa-600MPa / 43,500psi-87,000psi) transmitted by water.

HPP is an alternative technique that increases the product shelf life and preserves nutritional quality of the fresh product at the same time.

In addition, high-pressure processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process, which only requires electricity. Water will be recycled for equipment operation.

Mollusk shucking for juice and fruit products

Benefits of HPP include reducing pathogens such as listeria, salmonella, and vibrio, ensuring products have a longer shelf life. It also reduces the need for preservatives.

Food safety is improved and encourages product exportation. A longer shelf life also reduces economic losses for the return of products in the supermarket.

Other applications of HPP include mollusk shucking and crustacean meat extraction without boiling, resulting in higher yields, fresher taste and less labour.

Successful applications for the technology are juice and fruit products such as purees, salsas, avocado products, ready-to-eat meals, seafood, dairy products, wet salads and sandwich fillings.

HPP equipment for small and medium food processing production

Hiperbaric has a wide range of HPP equipment in order to respond to different client requirements with horizontal designs for adaption to different supply chains.

The company's range includes Hiperbaric 55, with a throughput of 260kg or litres of packaged product per hour.

Hiperbaric 55 is ideal equipment for small and medium production, while Hiperbaric 525 has throughput of more than 2.7t per hour making it the most productive HPP machine in the world.

In addition, the equipment is fully integrated with no external modules or cabinets.

Automated loading and unloading systems for packaging lines and cartoning

The company designs loading and unloading lines and systems for further automation solutions and integration of HPP equipment with packaging lines and cartoning-palletising installations.

Hiperbaric helps clients market innovative and healthy food products, and is continually offering larger, faster and more productive systems.

Starbucks' Evolution Fresh Juice Processing Facility, California, US

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