TVI Entwicklung und Produktion held a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new Centre of Excellence for Meat Portioning in Bruckmühl, Germany.

Being developed with an investment of €17.5m ($19.5m), the facility will expand TVI’s meat portioning product portfolio, strengthening its position in the meat processing industry.

The number of employees at the company is expected to increase from 120 to approximately 250, following the expansion.

Construction was started in May 2019 and will be completed by May 2020.

Details of TVI Centre of Excellence for Meat Portioning

The centre will have a built-up area of 9,000m², which will include an office building, a customer centre and a production area. It will feature a 5,600m² production hall that will house pre-fabrication and assembly areas along with a logistics area, a warehouse, and development departments.

A three-storey office building spread across 1,920m² will include offices, a canteen and a recreation room. The facility aims to provide optimal working environments for employees with functional areas and meeting spaces.

“The GMS 520 Singlecut is used for multi-functional portioning with individual slice placement.”

The two-storey customer centre will have a built-up area of 1,400m², including demonstration rooms and a customer lobby. TVI will provide individual trials for customers along with testing solutions for output, feasibility and return on assets.

The factory will incorporate a deep-well system to cool the building using groundwater.

Details of TVI’s meat portioning products

TVI’s meat portioning and refinement portfolio includes temperature control, portioning and packaging systems, as well as turnkey barbeque skewers and shashlik products, which process the meat from initial stage to final delivery stage.

The company’s meat portioning products comprise GMS 520 Singlecut, GMS 1200 Multicut, and GMS 1600 Twincut. The GMS 520 Singlecut is used for multi-functional portioning with individual slice placement and can operate in waste-less mode, as well as with minimum trim.

The GMS 1200 Multicut is incorporated with moulding and measuring systems to provide the required yield with the desired accuracy. It has a flexible three-dimensional (3D) forming, enabling it to form and cut in a single process.

The GMS 1600 Twincut features trim-free portioning, automatic shingling and single slice placement. It is enabled with supporting software to guide the operator during operation and calibration.

The portioning machines incorporate equipment such as a slicer for boneless products that has reciprocating vertical blades installed at a fixed distance to provide the required thickness to the slices. Choppers have a claw-like structure to hold the product during slicing and are used for bone-in products.

Contractors involved and marketing information

Austrian construction company PEM Buildings was contracted to carry out designing and construction work for the project.

Founded in 2004, TVI Entwicklung und Produktion is a manufacturer of meat portioning and processing equipment. The company provides solutions for pressing, portioning and tempering.

TVI’s solutions range from the tempering of the initial product to all forms of portioning, as well as manual and automatic loading with weight management.

Headquartered in Irschenberg, Germany, the company was acquired in 2017 by Multivac, an integrated packaging solutions provider. Multivac acquired a 49.9% share in TVI in a bid to provide complete production lines from a single source.