Infinity Meat Solutions is developing a new meat-packaging facility in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, US.

With construction commencing in October 2018, the facility is scheduled to be opened in the first half of 2020.

Infinity Meat Solutions is a subsidiary of Retail Business Services, which is owned by Ahold Delhaize.

Packaging and processing of fresh meat products

The new meat processing and packaging facility is being developed with an estimated investment of $100m. It will prepare, process and package a range of fresh meat products.

The project is expected to generate more than 700 new jobs in Rhode Island in the food manufacturing, supply chain and distribution sectors. It is expected to contribute approximately $60m a year in the form of taxes and personal property tax revenues to Rhode Island’s economy.

The new facility is also expected to generate more than $10m in state revenue over the next ten years.

Location of the new meat-packaging facility

Infinity Meat Solutions’ new meat-packaging facility will be located in the Quonset Business Park in West Davisville district of North Kingstown.

Managed by Quonset Development Corporation, the Quonset Business Park spans more than 3,200 acres of land and houses approximately 200 companies working in various industries.

Infinity Meat Solutions’ meat packaging facility details

The new state-of-the-art meat packaging facility will be developed on 34 acres of build-ready land, which has been provided under a 50-year lease agreement to Infinity Meat Solutions by Quonset Development Corporation.

“The company is eligible to receive approximately $948,000 a year on average for up to ten years under the Qualified Jobs incentives.”

The facility will process fresh beef, minced beef, pork and other processed meats into meal solutions to grocery stores across the region. It will supply the products to stores either owned or affiliated to Ahold Delhaize, such as Food Lion, Giant Food, GIANT/MARTIN’S, Hannaford, Peapod, and Stop & Shop. It will also supply the products to distribution centres and online retailing companies in New England and New York.

An on-site treatment plant is also planned to be developed for the prior treatment of waste and scraps disposal.

The development plans further include the possibility of expanding the facility by 120,000ft² in future.

Financing details

The Board of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation recommended the authorisation of tax credits to Infinity Meat Solutions for the project under the Rebuild Rhode Island and Qualified Jobs Tax Credit Programmes in May 2018.

The company is eligible to receive approximately $948,000 a year on average for up to ten years under the Qualified Jobs incentives, depending on the company’s achievement of certain hiring benchmarks and payment of income tax by the employees.

In addition, Infinity Meat Solutions is eligible for $1.9m Rebuild Rhode Island tax credits to assist the development of new packaging facility and sales tax rebate on the purchase of construction materials in Rhode Island.

Commerce Rhode Island will provide up to an additional $9.5m in wage incentives depending on job growth.

Contractors involved

Cargill Protein has been appointed as the consultant for the construction of the project. It will also be responsible for managing the operations and workforce at the site.

Dennis Group was selected as the design-build company for the project. It will be responsible for the planning, design, engineering, and construction management of the facility.