Gruma Mexican flour producer

Mexican corn and flour tortilla producer Gruma started construction of its new tortilla manufacturing plant in Mosow, Russia, in December 2014. The new plant represents Gruma’s second investment in Russia.

Gruma will investment approximately $50m from its own funds in the next two years in the new plant. Construction of the facility is scheduled for completion by early 2016. The plant will initially employ 250 people and is expected to create approximately 400 jobs when operating at full capacity.

Location of Gruma’s tortilla manufacturing plant in Russia

The plant cost $110m to build and is equipped with processing and extruding technologies.

The new plant is being built in the Shmatovo industrial park, which is part of the Stupino Square industrial area located in Stupinsky district, 73km south of Moscow.

Stupino was selected as an ideal location to construct the plant as it has the ability to attract foreign investments, while the unique concept of Stupino Square industrial park can bring industrial and social infrastructure under one roof.

The industrial park has readily available plots to build industrial facilities and also attracts skilled labour and experienced contractors.

Tortilla manufacturing plant details

The new plant, Gruma’s first in Russia, will be built over an area of 13,000m² on a plot measuring 68,000m². The plant will be equipped with world-class modern technological equipment and will meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the food industry.

Production at Gruma’s new plant in Russia

The new plant will produce a variety of products including wheat and corn tortillas, wheat tortilla wraps, and tortilla and tortilla chips for retail, catering and restaurant markets.

It will have an installed capacity of 31,500t of corn and wheat products a year and will double the company’s overall production in Russia.

Products produced by Gruma’s manufacturing plant

“Wheat and corn tortillas are traditional Mexican flatbread.”

Wheat and corn tortillas are traditional Mexican flatbread. The corn variety is made of ‘nixtamal’ corn flour, which is considered the staple food of the region. Wheat tortilla is another flat bread variety made of wheat flour and may or may not contain some type of fat or oil.

Tortilla chips are small snacks made from corn flour.

Gruma markets its products in Russia under the brand name Delicados.

Gruma’s earlier investments in Russia

Gruma acquired a local tortilla producer named Solntse de Mexico (The Sun of Mexico) in Moscow in 2011. Solntse de Mexico is the first company to introduce tortillas and corn chips in Russia. It produces wheat and corn tortillas, tortilla chips, sauces and other products of Mexican origin under the brand Delicados.

“Since the acquisition of the plant, Gruma reported a sales growth of 15%.”

Since the acquisition of the plant, Gruma reported a sales growth of 15%, which made it decide it to construct a new facility to double its overall production in Russia.

Marketing commentary

Gruma is a leading producer of corn and flour tortillas and its derivative products. Its product portfolio includes a variety of breads and other snack items such as naan, flat bread, pita bread, pizza bases, chapatti, wraps, chips, pastas, and other condiments.

Gruma operates 101 production plants, has presence in 113 countries and owns reputed brands such as Maseca and Mission. Its popular local brands include Guerrero in the US, Tortiricas and Tosty in Costa Rica, and Robin Hood in Venezuela.

Gruma’s success strategy lies in customising its products and services according to different regions, lifestyle and culture.