Blendhub’s new portable powder blending (PPB) factory will be located in Sri City SEZ, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Premium Ingredients Food Services India, a food ingredients and additives manufacturer that is a part of Blendhub Corp, is constructing a new portable powder blending (PPB) factory within the Sri City Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The modular plant will be the company’s second PPB facility in India, when operational by mid-2016.

Portable powder blending plant location

Premium Ingredients Food Services India operates a similar PPB factory, which is the company’s first such plant in India, at Sri City SEZ.

Sri City Domestic Tariff Area (DTA), north of Chennai, was selected as a preferred location for the plant as it enables the establishment of a new factory with minimum risk and at low cost. The location also offers abundant infrastructure and manpower required for efficient operation of the plant.

Benefits of the portable powder blending factory

The new plant will serve India’s domestic market and produce Blendhub’s premium ingredients. It will also act as a hub for Indian and international raw materials and food producers and formulation blenders, as well as formulators within Blendhub’s professional network.

The plant will offer a state-of-the-art full service platform for Indian and foreign companies to sell ‘Made in India’ food powders with the highest food safety standards for the Indian market with low capital expenditure.

It will also provide an opportunity for independent formulators to host their formulations through Blendhub, increasing the business potential of their respective formulations.

Premium Ingredients’ customers in India, who are currently being supplied from Spain, will receive all ingredients from India on completion of the new plant, reducing lead times and costs for customers.

Premium Ingredients’ plant details

The portable powder blending plant will be equipped with AISI 304-grade stainless steel containers and tanks, as well as a sifter with net passing mesh and wire. The state-of-the-art equipment will ensure pre-blending, mixing, standardisation, packaging or distribution of multiple powder formulations.

The plant will have the capacity to produce 2,000mt a year on a single shift operation and up to 6,000mt a year on a multiple shift operation.

Designed in accordance with Lean and HACCP standards, the PPB plant will meet health, safety and environmental standards. The patented, portable and modular plant can be easily transported in a 40ft container and its plug-and-play architecture will ensure rapid production and new market entry with minimal risk.


"The new plant will serve India’s domestic market and produce Blendhub’s premium ingredients."

The PPB plant is fully automatic leaving minimal chance for errors, while also speeding up production and packaging.

The process begins with weighing and batching, where all ingredients are defined and measured by an optical reader and digital scales that check the correct weight of the ingredients. Labels are provided and records are produced to achieve total traceability for further stages.

Ingredients will then enter a loading and shifting process involving second verification to ensure the ingredients are related to the current batch. Upon verification, the ingredients will be loaded in the shifting system to proceed towards the container.

The shifting system will be controlled by radio frequency for tracing the batches during the next processes, which includes blending and packaging.

Ingredients at the blending stage will run through a double system of mixer and intensifier, which optimises time and ensures quality. The ingredients will be packed in bags of different sizes.

The metal detector will ensure the elimination of any potential foreign elements in the final product.

Marketing commentary

Established in 2014, Blendhub is a group of companies that includes Portable Powder Blending (PPB), Premium Ingredients, Premium Ingredients India, Premium Ingredients Mexico, and Newmeat.

Blendhub has invested in formulations in different application areas such as dairy, processed cheese and meat, as well as vegetables, which have been sold to industrial food producers.