New Nutrition Lab

To strengthen its research and development (R&D) footprint in Asia Pacific, BASF’s Nutrition and Health division has opened its first technical application lab facility catering to the region, in Singapore.

Opened in January 2017, Newtrition® Lab Asia Pacific is BASF’s Nutrition and Health division’s third facility in the region and is located at Singapore Polytechnic. This is also the first time BASF has set up an application facility in a tertiary institution in Singapore.

The new lab has been developed as a part of BASF’s Nutrition and Health divisions’ strategic growth plans. The facility focuses on delivering science-based nutrient solutions to its customers in the Asia Pacific region and it will also provide analytical and product co-development services.

Singapore was selected as the location for the application lab due to its diverse demographics

Details of BASF’s new Newtrition lab

The Newtrition lab features analysis and performance-testing equipment, which will be used to conduct product testing and research. The facility is equipped with the latest technology, which plays a key role in examining the ingredients in finished food products such as beverages, functional foods, and dietary supplements.

An expert team from the company’s Nutrition and Health segment will collaborate with the students from the Singapore Polytechnic to conduct research and develop innovative products, formulations, and concepts for the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries.

The application lab leverages BASF’s know-how in both human nutrition and pharmaceutical solutions, as well as advanced technologies to provide science-based nutrient solutions to provide strategic support for the customers in the region. These solutions further enable its customers to deliver high-efficacy products and solutions.

The new facility will focus on providing analytical service and co-developing products with customers in the region using BASF’s proprietary health and performance ingredients.

BASF’s network of Newtrition labs

The Nutrition and Health division of the company owns three labs in the AsiaPacific, including the newly opened facility.

The Newtrition Lab China and pharma technical centre was developed in Shanghai and serves customers in Greater China.

Its pharmaceutical technical centre is located in Mumbai, serving the South Asian market.

All the application labs in the network support Newtrition, the company’s dedicated brand for the human nutrition market. They also develop nutritional ingredients that meet highest safety standards, while meeting changing consumer preferences.

The labs offer a wide variety of services suitable for the world needs, while paying special attention to regional preferences and cultural differences.

Outside the Asia Pacific region, the company operates four Newtrition Labs in Europe, one in North America and one in South America.

Marketing commentary on BASF Nutrition & Health

BASF’s Nutrition and Health division focuses on providing a wide range of products and services for human nutrition, animal nutrition, and pharmaceuticals, as well as flavour and fragrance industries in Europe, North America, South America, and the Asia-Pacific.

While the company’s human nutrition segment offers products such as vitamins, carotenoids, and functional ingredients, the animal nutrition segment offers feed additives such as trace elements, enzymes, and organic acid.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the company offers pharmaceutical ingredients such as ibuprofen and omega-3 fatty acids, while the flavour and fragrance industry is served with aroma ingredients such as citral, geraniol and L-menthol.