Indonesian snack food and beverage manufacturer GarudaFood is set to digitalise its supply chain with the implementation of JDA Enterprise Supply Planning.

By deploying the new JDA technology, GarudaFood intends to take its supply chain processes to the next level.

GarudaFood will be able to dynamically optimise its inventory plans in real-time and re-plan around supply chain disruptions, by combining JDA Enterprise Supply Planning with its existing JDA Demand and JDA Fulfillment technology.

GarudaFood Indonesia Operations managing director Fransiskus Johny said: “We are poised to grow our business substantially and in order to fuel that growth and maintain profitability, it is imperative that we deploy a world-class supply planning solution.

“JDA will help us execute operationally while driving higher levels of customer satisfaction. We chose JDA not only because of its solutions and industry expertise, but because we knew we’d cut down our time-to-value with deploying this project faster.

“This project will unite critical inventory and demand information for a 360° view into supply plans.”

“This project will unite critical inventory and demand information for a 360° view into supply plans, an important piece we were missing previously.”

Established in 1990, GarudaFood is part of the Tudung Group and began its operations by selling peanut products.

In 2010, GarudaFood expanded outside the Indonesian market, and the company’s products are currently sold to more than 20 countries across the globe.

JDA APAC president Amit Bagga said: “GarudaFood has gone from a local supply chain to a global supply chain, with its expansion outside of Indonesia, and, with that expansion, needed a global supply chain planning solution to provide the level of sophistication and planning velocity required.

“We are pleased to support GarudaFood in its JDA expansion, enabling them to have a highly responsive and agile supply chain capable of sensing to demand signals and disruptions, and ultimately delivering a superior customer experience.”