Covid-19: Nestle CEO asks employees to gear up as coronavirus evolves

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Multinational food and drink conglomerate Nestlé has urged its employees to prepare themselves to effectively tackle any potential impact due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In a company memorandum seen by news agency Reuters, Nestlé chief executive Mark Schneider asked its employees to take all necessary steps to ensure the supply of food and beverages to its customers.

Nestlé is the producer of several popular food and beverage brands such as Maggi soups, KitKat chocolate bars, Nescafe instant coffee and more. It has a workforce of more than 290,000 employees worldwide.

The memo was internally distributed to the staff members.

Schneider was quoted by Reuters as saying: “This is the moment for extra effort, for going the extra mile. Please get ready for the storm to hit – because hit it will.”

The message was specifically directed to the company’s ‘frontline employees and factory workers’ and intended to ensure continuity of is business operations.

He focused on the significance of making ‘supplies, manufacturing and logistics’ secure.

Furthermore, attention should be centred on building ‘inventories of critical supplies and products’.

The company noted that safety and precautionary measures have been implemented in all of its facilities.

Late last month, the company also cancelled all international business travel.

The Covid-19 death toll has crossed 15,298 worldwide. A total of 349,187 confirmed cases and 100,338 recoveries have currently been reported.

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