Extra virgin olive oil producer Caroli has teamed up with Blocksyte, a SaaS-based blockchain supply chain application company, to introduce end-to-end blockchain traceability into the olive oil supply chain.

The olive oil producer stated that its consumers will be able to track olive oil shipments between Italy and the US due to use of Blocksyte’s SaaS-based application.

Consumers can track real-time location, temperature, humidity and light exposure.

Caroli USA co-founder and CEO Ben D’Antico said: “We are excited to use blockchain to monitor our olive oil from the production facility through customs clearance and into our warehouses.

“This ensures that our customers can be confident that they are paying for and receiving a premium product, which has been tracked from the bottling source.”

During a recent shipment, Blocksyte offered Caroli internet of things (IoT) sensors, which enabled the latter to have a tamper-proof blockchain record that ensured its olive oil was shipped within the required temperature range.

The Blocksyte application also measured humidity, detected potential tampering and tracked the shipment’s precise location.

Blocksyte co-founder and CEO Alan Pelz-Sharpe said: “We applaud Caroli for its forward-looking approach to introducing Blocksyte’s blockchain traceability into its supply chain.

“We look forward to expanding our relationship with the company as it increases its shipments to a growing clientele here in the US.”

The two firms plan to extend blockchain traceability from the Caroli production facility, which is located in Martina Franca, Italy.

They also intend to provide end consumers with access to the blockchain record through a code on the bottle label to show complete details about the product, including packaging, shipment date and the location.