Mekitec – Is It Safe to Use X-ray to Inspect Food

With increasingly stricter food safety standards and higher quality expectations from consumers, X-ray systems have become an invaluable inspection tool for food manufacturers.

The complexity of the supply chain has multiplied the risks of foreign object contamination, whether it’s from ingredients or happens during the production process. Foreign objects can be of different materials, not only metals, and implementing a metal detector that is not capable of detecting these different materials is no longer enough to mitigate the risks.

However, many companies still have concerns about the use of X-ray in their food production process. The initial questions are: Is it safe for operators? Do X-rays affect food? What regulations do I need to comply with?

The purpose of this e-book is to provide an answer to all these concerns and explain why food X-ray inspection is safe both for the production personnel and the food products being inspected and why working with the right partner can help food producers maximize their X-ray system’s performance and safety, while also navigating through local regulations.

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