Colorimetric Methods for Evaluating Tomatoes

Color is an indication of the quality and freshness of tomato products. As tomatoes are processed, their value is graded based on color. This application note looks at the colorimetric methods for evaluating tomatoes.

Objective colorimetric methods for tomato products are based on methods and standards prepared by the University of California at Davis (UCD). Variables are minimized and each processor prepares their standards in a specified manner as defined by UCD. Using a tomato tile, the processor then assigns values based on a hitch standard. After that they can use the tomato tile to standardize their instrument for taking measurements that correlate to the tomato paste standards.

To simplify this process HunterLab provides a tomato tile standard calibrated based on UCD's tomato paste standards and USDA-approved formulas optimized for grading processed tomato products.

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