Traceability in a Connected World: The Tech-Shift in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is changing; becoming more regulated and more complex as Internet-based technology shifts the way businesses along global supply chain communicate and work.

Consumers are demanding increased transparency, easier access to information about how products are made, country of origin of ingredients and how plants are grown. End consumers are using the Internet to search for information, and they expect manufacturers to provide online, up-to-date proof of claims.

In effect, food and beverage manufacturers are facing greater and more diverse challenges. Apart from ensuring that their products are safe and compliant with the food regulatory and inspection regime, the manufacturers must also now be able to work collaboratively with their value chain, and explore creative ways to remain competitive.

In this paper we’ll explore what food and beverage manufacturers need to know about traceability requirements, and why a strong traceability program is crucial for the ongoing health of any business. We’ll also examine the benefits of moving from a manual or spreadsheet to automated options such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms that allow for company-wide transformation.

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