Client SABMiller and the Art and Science of Brewing Beers

One of the world-leading beer brewers SABMiller's consumer science consultant Dr Adam Fenton uses CAMO's Unscrambler software to obtain insights into customer segmentation and product development.

Adam is part of a technical group working very closely with the company's marketing group, whose role is to serve all brands and markets globally to help SABMiller brew better tasting beer.

Adam explains, "We use The Unscrambler to classify and analyse liquids in 2 and 3 dimensional maps to represent the products we have so technical people and marketing people can talk".

"It's really about understanding the product better so we have a richer terminology that resonates with our consumers in their local markets. It also lets us understand the technical differences between beers based on objective analysis from taste panels and laboratory equipment".

Download to find out more.

Download to find out more.