Safefood Temp Temperature-Monitoring Devices for Food Storage and Catering Facilities

Safe Food Temp provides spot-checking and continuous temperature-monitoring systems that help food processing organisations achieve high Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards while reducing the cost and complexity of food safety compliance.

Its customers are typically organisations and companies who handle food such as restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, storage warehouses and manufacturers. Hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels, clubs and transport companies also benefit from Safe Food Temp’s solutions.

Temperature-monitoring solutions for food quality assurance

Safe Food Temp provides both spot checking and continuous monitoring products and systems. These minimise the risk of food becoming hazardous by carefully monitoring temperatures to minimise the growth of pathogens such as salmonella and campylobacter. The company’s temperature monitoring recording and reporting products are typically deployed in receiving, storing, processing, serving and transporting areas of the organisation, enabling its customers to manage the food temperature from paddock to plate.

Despite their high quality, Safe Food Temp’s products are user-friendly, cost-effective and provide a high return on investment (RoI) by:

  • Automating the temperature recording process, thus ensuring human errors are eliminated
  • Including corrective actions in the records
  • Avoiding product loss by generating warning emails or text messages as soon as a product temperature is out of limits
  • Automating the HACCP temperature reporting process
  • Trending temperatures so that adjustments can be made to optimise energy usage

Cost-effective continuous monitoring equipment to prevent food spoilage

Using Safe Food Temp’s systems, organisations save thousands of dollars per system each year in labour alone. Savings can increase considerably when energy optimisation and reduced spoilage are factored.

Applications for continuous monitoring, alarming and reporting are:

  • Food storage: fridges, freezers, coolrooms, blast chillers, dry rooms, large warehouses
  • Food processing areas for cooking and cooling
  • Baines Marie for plating hot food in buffets
  • Chilled food such as self-serve of fresh fish and seafood in buffets.
  • Beer storage cool rooms
  • Storage tanks and pipes
  • Food displays and food used in preparation areas
  • Ante rooms and packing rooms
  • Staff offices and amenity rooms

These continuous monitoring applications are handled by two versions of the Hawk-Eye 800

Wireless temperature transmitter and gateway for environment monitoring

The Hawk-Eye 800WS is a food temperature safety system that comprises Safe Food Temp’s WTT200 range of wireless temperature transmitters and WGW200 gateway.

Up to 12 temperature transmitters can be paired with the Hawk-Eye 800WS, which features a 10.6in full-colour touchscreen.

It also boasts user-friendly displays and operation, and sends alarms to designated recipients via email and text when recorded temperatures fall outside a predetermined range.

Hawk-Eye 800WS also creates automatically generated reports.

Other key features of the Hawk-Eye 800WS Wireless System include:

  • Trending allows the optimisation of energy
  • No human errors in transcribing records
  • 24/7 monitoring without needing people on site
  • Easy to install on site without requiring an electrician
  • Transmitters typically work up to 100m in buildings
  • Internet access to system via Teamviewer enables operation from anywhere exactly like being on site

Wired gas and pressure-monitoring systems for food processing plants

The Hawk-Eye 800 is a monitoring device that connects to up to eight sensors or transmitters. It has four derived inputs and four digital inputs, and requires probes or sensors to be wired.

Featuring more built-in features than the HAWK-Eye 800WS, this unit is suitable for gas monitoring and the control of variables such as pressure and level.

The system comprises a 10.6in full-colour touchscreen that provides a user-friendly display and operation. It can accept any standard industrial signal, as well as thermistors.

Key features of the Hawk-Eye 800 include:

  • Includes four proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers and four on/off controllers
  • Eight relay outputs to switch loads
  • Built-in programmable logic controller (PLC) to allow the unit to act on four digital inputs, as well as 255 internal flags
  • Six formulas to create derived inputs
  • Two isolated analogue outputs to control PID loops or retransmit analogue inputs
  • Readings are continuous and automatic
  • User-friendly displays and operation
  • Alarms by email and text
  • Reports generated automatically
  • Trending allows the optimising of energy
  • No human errors in transcribing records
  • 24/7 monitoring without needing people on site
  • Remote internet access to system via Teamviewer

Detailed food records to meet HACCP requirements

Safe Food Temp’s SFT2020 is used to spot-check the temperature of food in storage or waiting to be served to customers.

The unit comprises a thermometer combined with a HACCP records system. It connects to a Windows-based PC via Bluetooth. This computer can be supplied as part of the package or the device can be used with an existing computer with the SFT2020 software installed.

Using the PC, it is easy to set up the required information and download it to the SFT2020 with just a few mouse clicks:

  • Up to 30 menus
  • Up to 10 foods on each menu
  • Temperature limits for each food
  • Names of food testers
  • Corrective Actions list

Some of the applications for the SFT2020 are:

  • Goods receival, to confirm the product arriving is within the allowable temperature range
  • Cooking meats as ordered
  • Cooking fish correctly without overcooking
  • Safe cooking of eggs, poultry and mincemeat
  • Safe reheating of left-overs
  • Cooking and cooling in accordance with HACCP temperatures and times
  • Delivery of properly cooked and heated meals to the frail and elderly
  • Delivery of chilled milk products to the frail and elderly
  • Dough temperature-checking in bakeries
  • Goods receival, ensuring both refrigerated and hot foods arrive at acceptable temperatures

The records system ties together the following information for each temperature measured:

  • The menu name
  • The food name
  • The temperature recorded
  • The temperature limits allowed
  • Date time stamp when the measurement was taken
  • Any corrective action that was selected as a result of the measurement being out of limits
  • The name of the person who did the test

Once the tests have been completed, the records are transferred to the PC with a mouse click. The PC then compiles the HACCP Temperature Reports and emails them to all the nominated recipients. Each report is also saved on the PC. This process typically saves between 30 and 60 minutes or more each day, resulting in hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars being saved per year, whilst also having error free records and no missing paperwork.

The SFT2020 comes with a calibration certificate valid for 12 months from the date of last calibration check which is normally on the day of despatch.

Safe Food Temp is constantly developing new products and updating our existing products software. As a valued customer, you will be entitled to upgrades to the software for the life of your instrument. All our products have a one-year warranty from the date of despatch.

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