CWM Automation Filling, Heatsealing, and Lidding Machinery for Food Processing Applications

Automated, end-of-line solutions

CWM Automation provides automated, end-of-line filling, heatsealing, and lidding solutions.

The company uses its vast experience to deliver reliable and efficient machines across a wide range of sectors within the food industry, including dairy, convenience foods, and baked goods.

CWM’s products meet industry regulatory standards, and it has certified membership to the SAFE Contractor Accreditation scheme.

Filling and dosing equipment for the food processing sector

CWM’s easy-to-use filling and dosing machines are made from stainless-steel and designed for fast changeover times.

CWM specialises rotary, automatic pot, linear pot, bottle, and bucket filling applications, as well as end-of-line machinery and bakery equipment. These machines feature efficient controls and automation.

CWM’s experienced electrical control design team develops solutions for both new and existing machines, including programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) software, and fully integrated servo control systems.

Automatic pot filling and sealing

The company’s container-filling systems offer a high-speed rotary or linear fill.

CWM’s Ethernet / IP technology protocol capabilities offer precise response and movement control, enabling enhanced fill, dosing, and depositing accuracy.

The company’s automated filling solutions can be used to dispense products such as yoghurt, soup, or couscous into containers. These machines can feature a wide range of closure options to etain product freshness

In addition, the machines offer product embellishment, aggregation, and date coding.

Rotary filling machinery

CWM’s high-standard rotary filling machine is available with a wide range of closures, including pre-cut diaphragms, clip-on over-lids, and reel feed heat sealing using roll stock material.

The machines are manufactured within a clean-in-place (CIP) facility and incorporate CWM’s exclusive servo drive control for high-accuracy and clean filling capabilities.

Linear pot filling machines

CWM’s pot filling machine range includes indexed, dwell, or continuous motion drives in various sizes. The inline machines incorporate production systems and mechanisms such as film placement, over-lidding, container dispense, and fill-lift.

Bottle filling lines and automatic capping systems

CWM’s filling and sealing solutions are used with automatic bottle filling and capping lines. They are highly flexible, with a custom number of filling heads. The length and width of the conveyor can also be adjusted to suit clients’ requirements.

State-of-the-art touch screen HMI controls are available, which are programmed by CWM’s in-house control system design team.

Bucket filling lines for automatic dispensing operations

CWM provides stainless-steel bucket filling machines for the automatic dispense, fill, heat, seal, and lid buckets at output speeds of up to 40 containers a minute. This is suitable for both wet and dry products, including those with particulates.

Pie, pastry, and bakery equipment

CWM offers fully and semi-automatic production lines for pies, pastries, and baked goods.

The company supplies solutions such as pastry billeting, foil tray de-nesters, blocking-out and crimping head systems, as well as meat depositors, sauce depositors, pastry sheeters, and flour sprinklers.

End-of-line food processing equipment

Each CWM system uses multi-axis servo drives and can incorporate case erectors, case sealers, and automatic palletising.

Controls and automation systems

CWM’s design team will create a custom control system to meet a client’s specific needs. The company’s electrical engineers can integrate the control system on-site if required.

PLC and HMI software integration

CWM’s electrical engineers are specialists at software integration and experienced with a wide range of software and components from an array of manufacturers, including Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation), Mitsubishi, Omron, Telemechanique, GE, and Siemens. CWM’s team can also build on these manufacturer’s operating platforms to create tailored control software.

About CWM

CWM Automation is based in Lincolnshire, UK. It works with customers worldwide, providing custom processing and end-of-line solutions that are efficient and offer low operating costs.

The company’s experienced team helps clients exceed customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and performance through consistent improvement and customer interaction.

CWM is a Rockwell Machine Builder Partner, one of only four in the UK since early 2017.

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