Daxner Process Components and Systems for Bakeries

The name Daxner is not only a synonym for a leading, specialist company in the field of bulk goods technology, but also customised solutions for the foods industry. Since 1984, we have been designing, developing and realising systems that enable bakeries to optimise their production processes covering storage, dosing, conveying and weighing systems for dry and liquid baking ingredients.

Storage systems for bakery operations

Daxner’s silos and tanks come in a variety of versions for all sizes of bakery operation and ensure the optimum storage of every type of raw material. In tune with the raw material, special silo / tank discharge systems in a closed circuit secure an excellent product flow and smooth production processes. Daxner offers:

  • Indoor silos
  • Outdoor silos
  • Silo fittings
  • Big bag emptying stations
  • Bag handling stations
  • Small component systems
  • Discharge systems
  • Liquid storage tanks

Conveying systems for bakeries

Irrespective of which stage of production the product is at, and whether or not the precise addition of diverse ingredients and additives is involved, Daxner’s in-depth, specialist know-how for bakeries of all sizes ensures smooth-running sequences. Dust-like, powdery, granular and also especially sensitive ingredients are transported by the appropriate system in optimum fashion and with perfect hygiene. Daxner’s conveying systems include:

  • Suction conveying systems
  • Pressure conveying systems
  • Slow conveying systems
  • Mechanical conveying systems

Dosing systems

Daxner dosing systems are as individual as the various additives that they handle. Whether single or multi-component, volumetric or gravimetric, fully automatic or manual dosing is involved, Daxner dosing systems are ideal. Daxner’s capabilities include:

  • Fully automatic dry substance and liquid dosing
  • Manual dosing systems
  • Pneumatic rough / fine dosing
  • Volumetric and gravimetric dosing

Pre- and sour dough systems

Quality has deep-rooted traditions in the Daxner company, as has the knowledge of what is important with regard to pre- and sour dough. Accordingly, the Daxner pre- and sour dough equipment, which is trimmed to your individual needs and products, forms reliably operating systems with an extensive range of accessories. Daxner machines can be tailored to integrate into your existing production, offer considered solutions for high or low dough yield, and guarantee easily reproducible product quality and hygienic production. Such optimum pre- and sour dough handling lays the foundation stone for the freshness and quality of your products.

  • Flour and bruised grains
  • Barley and wheat
  • Cooled or non-cooled
  • Mobile and stationary (daxdou)
  • Flexible and rigid guides
  • One or multi-level
  • Manual or automatic filling
  • Discharge via volumetric dosing or weighing

Liquid systems for bakery production

Daxner offers a complete programme, which incorporates every phase of special bakery production. Specific solutions are often required on a case-to-case basis, for example, where the production of liquid yeast or the milling of residual bread are concerned.

  • Yeast fermenter with automatic stirring and cooling
  • Residual bread mixer
  • Cooking oil, liquid egg, salt (daxsol), sugar, etc.

Components for artisan bakeries

Hefele components for artisan bakeries are exemplified by a rationalised specialist bakery which, thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio offered by Daxner modular design system components, is able to produce with greater cost efficiency. In spite of the high degree of component standardisation, Daxner’s know-how not only facilitates a precise response to individual customer requirements, but makes it a matter of course. The proven, original Hefele system stands for low-maintenance plants of robust design, which through their reliability and durability ensure excellent payback.

  • Turbo flour sifting machine TSM
  • Rotary valves Nova and Euro
  • Safety valve Hematic

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