Riffid Radio Frequency Identification Technology Systems and Equipment

Riffid provides high-level radio frequency identification technology (RFID) systems and consultation services for food processing technology applications.

The system allows food items to be identified by two-way transmitter-receivers that are embedded in the packaging.

Established in 2010, the company works with its partners to provide customers with high-quality, flexible and high-performance equipment that is designed by experts with a thorough understanding of the food processing industry.

Riffid also offers company-specific surveys and mapping to advise the type of RFID system that would be most effective.

RFID systems for the food processing industry

Riffid’s RFID solutions range from small-scale consultancy services and sale of equipment to comprehensive custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Its products are provided by some of the leading suppliers on the market and the company carefully selects equipment that is suitable for each client and application.

The company actively participates in research and development (R&D) projects to ensure its state-of-the-art RFID offerings meet the changing needs of the food industry.

RFID solution package with Cloud services

Riffid’s RFID technology is available as part of the EasyRFID package.

Able to incorporate Cloud-based services, this extensive integrated package consists of a variety of different components such as readers, tags, antennae and cables to software for readers, as well as backend systems and integrations.

EasyRFID was awarded the InnoSuomi Innovation Award.

Consultancy services and company surveys for RFID technology

Riffid’s consultancy services advise clients on custom RFID technologies that would best meet their requirements.

The company’s in-depth RFID technology usability surveys provide information about the potential for RFID development in specific applications to ensure consistently high performance.

The usability survey considers a wide range of factors, including radio signals, low-transmission capacities and the impact of unexpected events. The survey also provides information about application-related special considerations.

Custom RFID system planning

Riffid provides carefully planned custom RFID solutions for a variety of different applications within the food industry. The company does not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, as overlooking small details can cause disruptions in functionality and unreliability.

Riffid’s RFID specialists use their collective expert knowledge of food industry applications with their high-level engineering abilities to design a suitable system.

Riffid also offers custom RFID technology training courses to food processing companies and educational institutions. The company’s team is also available to conduct RFID presentations at conferences.

Near-field communication and mobile applications

Riffid can integrate RFID to near-field communication (NFC) applications, which allows users to use a mobile device in the product identification process. Typical uses for this application include product movement control, event recording and data collection.

The company also offers a wide range of equipment and software with NFC technology, including tags, sensors and application-specific mobile terminal equipment. Software can be customised to work with Android, Windows and iOS devices, and server applications such as user-friendly Cloud models are also available.

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