TINE EPADHA Marine Omega 3 Oils

TINE EPADHA, part of TINE SA in Norway, is one of very few companies in the world that controls the value chain from the fish taken out of the sea to the marine ingredients that are incorporated into various food and beverages. Our short supply chain and processing expertise enables us to produce natural and sensorially neutral ingredients.

TINE EPADHA consists of a team of people with a wide range of expertise which enables us to match our customers’ expectations. This may be in the development of new products or the improvement of existing products where marine Omega 3 is already used. We ensure an efficient, cost-effective product development of end products containing marine Omega 3.

Marine Omega 3 for food ingredients

Our marine ingredients, TINE EPADHA Oil and TINE EPADHA Emulsion, are designed and produced to be used as food ingredients. We have extensive laboratory and pilot plant facilities which allow our research and development team to work on a wide variety of product applications. We also work with external institutes where appropriate. We believe in working closely with our potential customers to minimise both development time and development cost. We are confident our technical support is second to none.

Our customers are able to add TINE EPADHA ingredients at, or above, the levels specific in the recent Nutritional Claims legislation.

Our marine ingredients are used in a wide range of applications; e.g. bakery products, dairy products, low and full-fat spreads, fruit-based products, meat-based products, mayonnaise-based products and fish-based products.

Marine Omega 3 oil for the bakery industry

Our product TINE EPADHA 2200 Omega 3 oil is specifically designed to be used in bakery products. Since 2007 we have been supplying bakeries located in Asia, Europe and North America. Our customers normally use between 100mg-300mg EPA and DHA per 100g of finished bakery products. The ingredient is robust and is delivered in a bag-in-box system adapted for use in this industry. It is a blend of natural oils that is cost-efficient in use.

Marine Omega 3 for the dairy industry

TINE SA is a dairy and therefore we understand the challenges in the production of dairy products fortified with marine Omega 3. We have carried out extensive development work and have various solutions for adding marine Omega 3 to yoghurt, milk and other dairy products.

Our patented emulsion, TINE EPADHA 4200, is designed for use in dairy products. This is an aseptic emulsion and may be added post heat treatment in certain products. Flexibility in production is one of the advantages of this ingredient. We can also use TINE EPADHA Omega 3 oils in dairy products depending on the type of products to be fortified and the production processes. Our experts are available to discuss the most suitable and cost-efficient way of adding marine omega 3 into your products.

Marine Omega 3 oil for spreads

TINE SA is producing spreads in Norway and our TINE EPADHA Omega 3 oil has been used for around ten years in this application. We also have in-house pilot plants to produce prototypes and we have in-house production experience with low-fat spreads with 125mg EPA and DHA per serving of 13g. Our R&D department can assist our customers in formulation of spreads with marine Omega 3.

Marine Omega 3 oil for meat-based products

TINE EPADHA is currently used in meat-based products in Europe where one of our customers adds 100mg EPA and DHA per 70g of sausage. In our application lab, we have tested several types of products and our specialists are available to help our customers find the solution which meets their specific needs.

Marine Omega 3 oils for fish-based products

Many fish-based products are produced from Surimi or other sources of fish with low natural level of Omega 3. We have therefore tested our products in various types of fish-based products with excellent results. By adding TINE EPADHA marine oils our customers will be able to claim a standard amount of marine Omega 3 in their finished products.

Marine Omega 3 for fruit-based products

TINE EPADHA ingredients are used in both fruit preparations and in fruit-based drinks. We have been working long-term on these applications, including industrial-scale production. Our applications specialists will be able to discuss the alternative solutions for adding marine Omega 3 into fruit-based products.

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