Provitas Vitamin A, D, E, K and Mixed Tocopherol Ingredients Supplier

Provitas supplies bulk Vitamin A, D, E, K and mixed tocopherol ingredients in the form of powders, oils and emulsions.

The Texas-based company provides innovative and affordable oil-soluble vitamin solutions that can be used to fortify food, health, personal care and animal food products.

In addition to its standard formulas, Provitas manufactures custom vitamin solutions in many forms according to specific client requirements.

Fat-soluble vitamins for maintaining good health

Of the world’s 14 commercially produced vitamins, ten are water-soluble and four are fat-soluble (A, D, E and K). Water soluble vitamins are not stored in the body, meaning they must be consumed through your diet every day. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored for times when the body needs them.

Provitas strategically focuses on converting fat-soluble vitamins that, taken in their pure form, may be too potent, unstable or unsuitable for the manufacturer and its customers.

Vitamin K2 for supplementing food and health products

While many are aware of the roles of Vitamin A, D and E in the body, the benefits of Vitamin K2 are largely unknown.

K2 is vital for cardiovascular health and helps vitamins such as D3 ensure calcium is fully metabolised and deposited into the bones.

It also ensures healthy skin, promotes brain function, prevents blood clotting and helps prevent cancer.

An important aspect of any healthy life, K2 is available from Provitas in multiple forms, including oils, emulsions and powders.

Oil blend, water-based and soluble and adsorbate powder vitamins

Provitas offers its pure vitamin compounds in multiple standard forms depending on customer requirements.

The company manufactures oil blends into ready-to-use concentrations for dietary supplement liquid capsules or the fortification of food fats and oils.

Liquid emulsions can be easily dispersed into water-based products. Often used in the fortification of dairy products, beverages and dietary supplements, these water-based products offer great positional and chemical stability.

If the client requires a soluble powder, Provitas emulsifies oil-soluble nutrients with excipients and dries them into a water-dispersible powder. These soluble powders can be used to fortify a range of food and drink products, as well as tablets and capsules.

Oil-soluble formulations can also be adsorbed on a carrier to make concentrated adsorbate powders. These are ideal for fortifying dietary supplements and foods where high concentration or low inclusion is vital and where water solubility is of low concern.

Customised vitamin formulas for tailored solutions

In addition to these standard formulations, Provitas can produce customised vitamin solutions for its clients. Customisation is an important part of the company’s business, meaning that Provitas is always willing to create custom formulas with different potency levels or ingredients.

This can be invaluable to food manufacturers with ingredients specified into their formulas, as Provitas will be able to supply the exact same ingredient formulation, saving the company from undertaking the necessary regulations involved in changing their formula.

High-quality synthetic vitamins produced in FDA-registered US facilities

Known for the high quality of its products, Provitas delivers synthetic, PRC negative and non-GMO vitamins in compliance with industry standards.

Its products are manufactured organically within FDA-registered US facilities. These facilities are SQFI third-party audited and FDA21CFR117 cGMP and HACCP certified.

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Provitas produces bulk Vitamin A, D, E, K and mixed tocopherol ingredients in the form of powders, oils and emulsions.


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5500 Democracy Dr

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