3A Antioxidants Preservative and Antioxidant Blends for Food Engineering

3A Antioxidants manufactures preservative and antioxidant blends that protect the physical characteristics and taste of food products.

Focused on perfecting the art of blending, the company’s portfolio comprises extracts such as natural tocopherols, rosemary, tea and other tannins, as well as synthetic antioxidants such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) and propyl gallate.

The preservatives inhibit the development of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria and clostridium, increasing the safety of meat and preventing photochemical oxidation.

3A specialises in the research and development (R&D) of natural and clean-label antioxidants and preservatives whose main applications include acting as a bactericide for processed meat, sauces and snacks. These are certified by the International Featured Standards (IFS) and the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 22000, as well as suitable for Kosher and Halal diets.

Natural preservatives for meat that stabilise myoglobin

3A’s range of clean-label preservatives and antioxidants prevent changes to the freshness, smell, taste and colour of meat products caused by contaminants and the oxidation of lipids.

Tanirol-A and OxiRed stabilise myoglobin in meat and avoid undesirable colour changes.

Biocon-V is a bactericide for processed meat, sauces, pastries and pre-cooked convenience food. Based on buffered vinegar, the blend inhibits E. coli and salmonella in raw meat, as well as listeria in cooked meat.

Clean-label antioxidants to prevent photochemical oxidation in food

3A’s mixtures of antioxidants with rosemary extract maintain the organoleptic properties of food products. This protects items from the photochemical oxidation process caused by ingredients such as spices and condiments.

The Natox range includes natural tocopherols and rosemary in different proportions. Available as a liquid or powder, the blends are used in items such as oils, fats and meats.

The Oxirom range features natural rosemary extract and can be combined with other antioxidants such as citric acid. These blends are used in oils and lard.

Antioxidant blends for baked products

Traditional antioxidants can oxidise quickly in heat, losing their effectiveness. 3A offers specialised thermal-resistant preservative and antioxidant blends that ensure the freshness of products that are processed at high temperatures such as cooking oils and fats.

The blends prevent these ingredients from deteriorating after cooking, which ensures a consistent final product.

3A offers a wide range of formulations that are suitable for high-temperature processing and boiling, including:

  • Fritox – This synthetic antioxidant is formulated with TBHQ and  recommended for use in temperatures up to 200ºC
  • Palmitox PG65 – This combination of tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate is used in frying oils to improve the oxidative stability of treated products
  • Tanirox-7 – Made using natural plant extracts, this water-soluble formulation is used in antioxidant blends for baked products

Natural tocopherol-based antioxidant blends for the protection of fats and oils

The Naturnox range combines natural tocopherols sourced from vegetable oils.

These tocopherol-based antioxidant blends are recommended for the protection of fats and oils at temperatures below 120ºC, and also prevent photochemical oxidation in spice mixtures used as seasonings in the meat industry.

In addition, 3A’s tocopherol blends are suitable for shortenings, snacks and essential oils.

About 3A Antioxidants

3A is a company that specialises in the manufacture of synergetic mixes of natural and synthetic preservatives and antioxidant blends to maintain food quality. The company develops custom solutions that meet clients’ specific requirements.

The firm also supplies the animal feed industry with solutions for premixes, extruded feed and pet food. Its tocopherol and rosemary solutions stabilise pet food products extended periods of time.

In addition, 3A provides solutions for biodiesel and inks for industrial applications. Oxibiol is a liquid antioxidant that optimises the performance of biodiesel to ensure high-stability. It is recognised by the Association of Quality Management in Biodiesel (AGQM), which is one of the highest levels of recognition for biodiesel antioxidants.

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3A Antioxidants

P.I.Media Legua, nave A1 - C.P: 30565

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