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Protected: Sobatech Dough Preparation Machinery for the Food Industry


Sobatech specialises in continuous dosing, mixing and kneading processes for dough preparation for all end-products in industrial bakeries worldwide.

The company’s core business activities include filling equipment, industrial projects, maintenance industrial automation, solid handling, and continuous mixing and kneading in the food processing industry.

Continuous dosing machinery in dough preparation

Sobatech develops and optimises the dosing of dry ingredients and liquids in dough, both for large and small-volume consumption.

For dry ingredients, Sobatech’s open source software controls the feeder-pumps and other hardware involved in the dosing process to create a consistent dough.

State-of-the-art measurement equipment, such as coriolis and magnetic flow meters, accurately regulate the quantity of high and low-viscosity liquid ingredients entering the system.

Continuous mixers for dough ingredients

A Sobatech continuous system uses a two-phase process to mix all the dough ingredients into a consistent and homogeneous mass. When all ingredients are evenly and precisely distributed, its development can take place in a controlled and specific approach during kneading.

Both mixing stages are first-in / first-out, and are comprised of a homogeniser and mechanical mixing phases.

Enclosed kneaders

Sobatech kneading tools are installed on two contra-rotating axles in the kneader enclosure. The shape and dimensions of the tools, as well as the housing are designed so the dough in the kneader is open to sheer-forces for further development.

The tools of the kneader also control the flow of dough through the machine.

Continuous fermentation for pre-doughs

Sobatech continuous fermenters combine time with an equal and controlled exposure to the specific conditions.

The company’s continuous pre-dough system can handle mixes with up to 80% water. It includes a specially designed screw in the enclosed fermenter housing, so none of the pre-dough or the equipment is exposed.

Flour coolers for controlling dough temperatures

The Sobatech continuous flour cooling system controls the dough temperature through water temperature regulation.

The design of the cooler ensures a maximum contact surface between the flour and the cooled parts. The flour is fed out of the storage into the cooling device. During transportation through the cooler, the temperature is brought to a specified level before entering the continuous dosing, mixing and kneading system.

The result is flour at a temperature suitable for making dough.

Pre-mixers for dry ingredients

Sobatech has developed a continuous system for solids, which provides a thoroughly homogeneous and consistent combination of dry ingredients into a single mass.

The continuous solids mixer features two vertically placed contra-rotating tools in a mixer-housing. After dry ingredients are added, the machine then blends them into a mass, where all the ingredients are evenly distributed

Dry ingredients that can be mixed include powders, small particles such as sugar or salt, and large particles e.g. raisins, pellets.

About Sobatech

Sobatech Bakery Technology is part of the Sotec Group, a multidisciplinary group that also specialises in engineering and design activities.

The company’s systems are manufactured in line with international food specifications, European Machine Directives (CE approval), the Netherlands’ Regels voor Toestellen onder Druk (RtoD) Pressure Vessels code (if applicable), ATEX standards, and any regulations issued by clients.

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Sobatech Bakery Technology B.V.

Karveelweg 9

6222 NJ Maastricht


+31 43 888 2000 +31 43 888 2049

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Sobatech Bakery Technology B.V.

Karveelweg 9

6222 NJ Maastricht


+31 43 888 2000 +31 43 888 2049

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