Igeba Geraetebau ULV Aerosol and Thermal Fog Generators

Igeba Geraetebau GmbH manufactures ultra-low volume (ULV) aerosol and thermal fog generators for the food processing industry.

ULV aerosol generators for food processing

ULV aerosol and thermal fog generators are being used for various applications in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Professional hygiene management, expert cleaning and disinfection are important for food processing as demands for the product quality, its durability and micro-biological safety are constantly increasing.

The company’s portable and stationary thermal and cold fog generators address disinfection and pest control issues.

Even distribution of the disinfection solution and constant output ensures sterilisation of all surfaces, instruments and the ambient air.

Disinfection solutions for cold rooms

Igeba provides disinfection solutions for the food industry that effectively treat cold rooms.

Cold fog generators for reduced treatment time

The ULV aerosol or cold fog generators keep application rates as low as possible, reducing the cost of the total quantity applied and offering shorter treatment times.

The chemical preparation is conducted to spray heads where a powerful blast of air from the blower breaks up the substance into minute droplets.

Millions of tiny droplets evenly spread through the closed space, ensuring quick and efficient absorption of the solution by the organism.

Igeba’s products allow a homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient even into small cracks and are more effective than conventional spraying.

A cold fog generator efficiently decreases treatment time and reduces the quantity of the active agent, to provide optimum coverage of the target area.

ULV applications offer optimal droplet size of less than 30µm (VMD) (confirmed by laser measurement), high ground coverage, excellent distribution and high penetration depth.

The generators have low maintenance costs and are available as electric or engine-driven units with adjustable headers of up to 360°. Mixers for solution tanks are available for ULV models and units can be remotely and time controlled.

Thermal fog generators for dense fog

Igeba´s thermal fog generators create dense fog indoors and outdoors to destroy flying and crawling insects, as well as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

The device comprises a carburettor, mixer tube, combustion chamber and a resonator. A pulsating gas stream is created through burning of a fuel-air mixture.

The solution is inserted into the pulsating hot gas stream at the open end of the resonator to develop a dense fog in a short time.

Fog completely fills the targeted space, entering small cracks and corners. The application quantity is low but does not influence the high-efficiency of the used solution.

Generators for water and oil-based solutions

Thermal fog generators can be used with water and oil-based solutions.


  • Excellent distribution and fogging of water or oil-based solutions without waste
  • Quick and effective application method
  • High-efficiency by reaching inaccessible areas
  • Special technique for water-based solutions
  • High penetration depth in disinfection of up to 150m
  • Suitable for acid-based disinfectants

About Igeba

Igeba Geraetebau GmbH employs modern engineering and a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards to guarantee high-quality, efficient and secure products.

The company has service teams on-site and extensive sales organisational support.

Customer seminars, training and support are available for applications to ensure safe, economic and environmentally friendly use of fogging equipment.

Igeba’s headquarters are located in Weitnau, Germany with 25 employees.

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