US-based frozen food distributor G&C Food and Brokers has completed the phase one expansion works in Syracuse, Onondaga County, US.

Announced by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the expansion created more than 50 new jobs in the region.

As part of this phase, G&C purchased the 276,000ft² facility that it was leasing in Onondaga County and installed bulk packaging equipment in order to convert produce into goods for commercial sale.

Installation of the new packaging equipment also created 52 new employment opportunities in manufacturing, safety compliance and administrative fields.

“This investment is just another reason why Central New York continues to rise."

Cuomo said: "The expansion of the G&C Food Distributors in Syracuse is a clear example of the economic renaissance that is taking place across the region, as well as this administration’s commitment to helping businesses grow and thrive in New York.

“This investment is just another reason why Central New York continues to rise."

For its phase two expansion, the company is planning to break ground in August for an additional plant that will be built on a 75,000ft² area and is slated for completion next March.

The new facility will facilitate the installation of a refrigerated dock and dry space.

The $18m expansion is expected to be completed by 2020, increasing the number of new, full-time jobs created to 85.

More than 230 positions, some of which were at-risk, will be retained due to the support offered by the Government of New York State.

Established in 1976, G&C Food Distributors is a food service re-distributor of refrigerated, frozen and dry food products.

Headquartered in Syracuse, the company stores and delivers more than 4,000 food items to meet the needs of customers from Maine to Florida, US.