Despite its Italian origin, it is another country holding the European chilled pizza crown. France, indeed, accounts for 36.5% of the total chilled pizza market value in the Europe, making it the market leader.

The reasons behind this remarkable French preference for pizza could be related to the national consumers’ favorable perceptions towards chilled food generally. According to GlobalData’s Q4 2017 global consumer survey, besides convenience, 32% of French consumers associate freshness as the main benefit of the chilled food; five percentage points higher than the average European consumer (27%).

Thus, while convenience is a key driver for French consumers, the positioning in the chilled aisles – and hence the perception of freshness – adds a healthier halo to the pizza for those busy French consumers unwilling to sacrifice healthy credentials when choosing easy meal solutions.

The findings indicate to manufacturers operating in the prepared meals sector that there are opportunities to capitalize on, even within a country notorious for its sophisticated cuisine.

Demand for chilled pizza, and indeed other convenience foods, could be further capitalized on within France by further enhancing the health appeal of such offerings. For example the inclusion of ingredients with beneficial health credentials, such as incorporating ancient grains or vegetables into the pizza crust, could further meet the preferences of health-oriented French consumers; and potentially increase France’s stronghold of the chilled pizza market in Europe.

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