US-based health and wellness solutions provider Landec Corporation has revealed that its entire portfolio of Eat Smart branded products now contain only 100% clean ingredients.

Under this new initiative, Landec Natural Foods (LNF) branded portfolio including Eat Smart fresh packaged vegetables and salads, O Olive Oil and Vinegar premium artisan products, Now Planting pure-plant meal solutions, and Yucatan and Cabo Fresh guacamole and avocado products will now feature 100% clean ingredients.

Landec Corporation president and CEO Molly Hemmeter said: “People deserve to buy fresh foods without worrying about whether or not the ingredients are all natural.

“Consumers can now purchase products within the LNF brand portfolio without needing to study the label.”

“Consumers can now purchase products within the LNF brand portfolio without needing to study the label. They can trust that our branded products contain only 100% clean ingredients.”

The company claims that there will be no artificial dyes, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup in its products.

Landec’s subsidiary Apio acquired Mexican guacamole producer Yucatan Foods for approximately $80m. The announcement is expected to complement Landec Natural Foods transformation from a packaged, fresh vegetable business to a branded, natural foods business.

Hemmeter further added: “We have the recipes, supply chain and food safety practices in place to deliver delicious, fresh foods with ingredients that people recognise, can pronounce and feel good about eating.

“Landec Natural Food’s mission is to provide access to delicious, plant-based foods made from clean ingredients to as many people as possible.”

Currently, Landec Natural Foods products are sold in all club stores and 73% of all retail stores throughout North America.