Walmart Canada has unveiled its plan to achieve zero food waste by 2025 in its operations, in accordance with the Zero Waste International Alliance guidelines.

In order to address this issue, the retail company will be providing C$19m ($15m) in funding through the Walmart Foundation in order to support Canadian initiatives and research to reduce food waste along the food supply chain.

Walmart Canada president and CEO Lee Tappenden said: “We are stepping up in the fight against food waste and hunger. I’m very proud of our comprehensive, 360° approach to tackle these issues. In addition to the Walmart Foundation’s significant funding, Walmart Canada’s operational initiatives, food donations and philanthropy will help to further reduce food waste and food insecurity in Canada.”

Walmart Canada has designed a three-part strategy to achieve this objective. The first part will focus on improving the company’s operational efficiencies while enhancing value to the customer, while the second part of the strategy will focus on increasing food donations by partnering with local food banks and maximise surplus food donations. The third stage will focus on providing philanthropic support.

“Walmart believes the value-maximising strategy is the one that creates shared value – value for customers, business and society – by strengthening systems we all rely on.”

Walmart Canada has committed to provide C$1m ($786,441) to Food Banks Canada for this year’s Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign to support food banks across the country.

Since 2005, the retail company has been carrying out such initiatives in Canada and worldwide to eliminate waste and relieve hunger.

Between 2015 and 2017, Walmart claims that it has reduced food waste in its own operations by 23% in Canada.

Walmart Foundation president Kathleen McLaughlin said: “The Walmart Foundation is committed to being part of the solution on the important issue of food waste in Canada.

“We are excited to support these outstanding organisations pursuing innovative and effective initiatives all along the food chain.

“As a business, Walmart believes the value-maximising strategy is the one that creates shared value – value for customers, business and society – by strengthening systems we all rely on. We hope today’s announcements will help accelerate momentum and inspire even more collective action to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger in Canada.”

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