Vegetarian Express, the UK’s specialist vegetarian and vegan food distributors, has created an exclusive plant-based recipe portal for the foodservice industry called Seedbank.

The portal offers 33 step by step recipes for restaurants to use to create a range of dishes for customers, from fine dining to grab and go.

It also provides nutritional information, the ability to request particular ingredients and allergen information tailored towards gluten free, dairy free, vegan and nut allergy customers, solely available to their clients. Users must have an account registered and activated before access is granted to the recipes available.

Founder, David Jonas, stated his aims for the creation of Seedbank: “We want to promote and cater for the continually growing trend for healthy eating, with a particular focus on healthy eating in the workplace and we know that putting plant-based dishes on menus that customers will love, and that are right for business can be a bit daunting.

“That’s why we’ve built seedbank. With scores of recipes nutritionally analysed and impact assessed, it makes it simple for restaurants to put vibrant exciting plant-based food on any menu.”

Food Development Director at Elior Group, Peter Joyner, uses Vegetarian Express for speciality ingredients. He praised this new initiative: “We have seen a big uptake by our customers on vegetarian & vegan foods so anything that supports this is welcome.”

Each dish is claimed to be carefully analysed to show its benefit to the environment in comparison to meat alternatives, with CO2 reduced recipes, land use and water use saving figures included.

For example, the root vegetable and green lentil hot pot saves 0.15kg of CO2, 19.4m2 of land and 1249 litres of water, as an alternative to lamb.