Organic food ingredient innovator Terra Ingredients by AgMotion is all set to launch super grain fonio for food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and leading brands in the US market.

Fonio is currently grown by farmers in Africa’s Sahel region. The company established relationships with them and created a supply chain for fonio processing to ensure food safety for export.

Terra Ingredients’ fonio is completely chemical-free.

Terra Ingredients director Peter Carlson said: “We currently buy in an ethical and responsible way, and are able to replicate our producer programmes very quickly.

“There are essentially zero dollars being invested in the community from the outside. When more can be grown, through higher cultivation, it has great potential for economic benefits.”

Carlson further added that fonio is easy to grow and the company is prepared to increase supply as consumer demand grows.

According to the company, food manufacturers are aware of the potential for fonio in the creation of consumer packaged goods.

With the availability of fonio in the US market, new products and innovative twists can be created on popular offerings, particularly in the healthy options category.

In addition, innovative chefs and health-conscious consumers will benefit from the greater availability of fonio.

Terra Ingredients is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AgMotion. It originally started its operations as AgMotion Specialty Grains.

The company supplies organic and non-GMO ingredients to the consumer packaged goods and animal feed markets.

With safe and traceable supply chains for organic and non-GMO flax, beans, pulses and grains around the world, the company aims to bring value to its customers, suppliers and partners.