Poultry producer Simmons Prepared Foods has revealed plans to invest $300m to build a new chicken facility in Arkansas, US.

Located in Benton County between Decatur and Gentry, the new plant would help create nearly 1,500 jobs in the region and new contracts with local Arkansas farmers.

Simmons anticipates that production activities at its new facility will commence by 2019 and expects to bring total employment at the operation to more than 2,300 by 2022.

“This project positions us to continue meeting our customers’ needs.”

With a capacity to annually process 850 million pounds of poultry meat at full production, the proposed facility will be engaged in the manufacture of fresh and frozen chicken products for retail and restaurant customers.

Simmons Foods CEO Todd Simmons said: “We’re thrilled to bring this project to our community and are grateful for the cooperation from the Cities of Decatur and Gentry, local officials, Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the State of Arkansas.

“This project positions us to continue meeting our customers’ needs.”

The company also noted that its new facility will be equipped with modern production equipment and contemporary office space.

Simmons currently operates a feed mill, hatchery, propane business and a chicken processing facility in Decatur.

Upon completion, certain processing operations will be moved from the existing facility to the new plant.

Image: Concept of Simmons’ new chicken processing plant. Photo: courtesy of Simmons Foods.