Russian food company Cherkizovo Group’s Vasilyevskaya poultry production facility has obtained permission to export halal poultry products to Iraq.

According to the requirements set by the Iraqi Government, the Vasilyevskaya poultry farm will only export halal meat to the country.

Halal is a set of rules in Islamic law that sets strict guidelines for the slaughter of animals.

Cherkizovo explained that the slaughter facilities at the poultry farm comply with these rules and have been certified by the Halal International Centre for Standardisation and Certification of the Council of Muftis of Russia.

"The Vasilyevskaya poultry farm will only export halal meat to the country."

The company’s halal products are manufactured under the Latifa and Dajajti brands, which is suitable for both international and domestic markets.

Located in Bessonovsky, Penza, the Vasilyevskaya farm is Cherkizovo’s largest poultry production facility and one of the highest capacity poultry producing facilities in Russia.

Iraq is one of the largest markets in the Middle East, and receiving the licence to export its poultry products is expected to enhance the group’s export potential and is increasingly important in the current market conditions.

In addition to Iraq, the company exports its products to countries that include Egypt, the UAE, Tanzania and the EU.