Chinese fruit retail chain Pagoda has signed a cooperative agreement with US-based AgroFresh to establish an after-harvest processing centre for fruit in China.

Both companies have agreed to invest in the project and jointly research a solution that will address the difficulties of processing fruit after harvest.

By establishing the new processing centre, both companies intend to minimise damage to fruit during transit and storage periods, as well as restore freshness and quality. 

The agreement was signed by the two companies at a global suppliers meeting, which took place in Hong Kong.

AgroFresh anticipates that the new partnership with Pagoda will enable the company to further enhance its R&D capabilities for processing harvested fruit.

Founded in 1999, AgroFresh is the owner of the patented SmartFresh, a smart quality system that has been designed to preserve fruits using 1- methylcyclopropene (1- MCP).

"SmartFresh technology helps to keep fruit fresh by acting as a barrier to ethylene from internal and external sources."

SmartFresh technology helps to keep fruit fresh by acting as a barrier to ethylene from internal and external sources, which can cause fruit to ripen.

The patented technology also maintains the thickness, veins and appearance of fruit during transportation and storage.

SmartFresh is currently being used in more than 40 countries worldwide to preserve fruit, vegetables and plants.

Apart from holding the largest fruit retail chain in China, Pagoda also possesses its own plantations, technologies and research and development centres.

Image: Huiyong Yu, the president of Pagoda, signing a cooperative agreement with Jordi Ferre, the CEO of AgroFresh company in America. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto / Pagoda.