Italian non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) Friend of the Sea has signed a collaboration agreement with the Italian Aquaculture Producers Association (API), in order to ease the potential environmental impact of aquaculture and promote sustainable aquaculture procedures in the country.

Under this agreement, Friend of the Sea will design and develop guidelines, as well as offer technical support and training courses to promote sustainable aquaculture.

Friend of the Sea founder and director Paolo Bray said:  “Friend of the Sea is the main sustainable aquaculture certification in Italy, with over 50 approved sites, and one of the major ones worldwide.

"We are glad to join effort with API on this path toward sustainable aquaculture.”

“We are responsible to motivate farmers improve their practices and make consumer aware of the positive return for the environment generated by aquaculture when compared to other ways of producing animal proteins. We are glad to join effort with API on this path toward sustainable aquaculture.”

In recognition to its commitment towards the promotion of sustainable aquaculture in Italy, API has also secured Friend of the Sea 2017 Award.

Friend of the Sea was founded by Paolo Bray with a mission to conserve of the marine habitat.

Bray also serves as European Director of the Earth Island Institute's Dolphin-Safe Project, which is reported to have saved the lives of millions of dolphins from tuna nets and initiated a sustainable seafood movement.

Friend of the Sea is now an international certification body, which certifies products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.