US-based plant protein ingredients producer Axiom Foods has launched its pea protein meat analogue at IFT in Las Vegas.

Labelled as an alternative to soy and wheat gluten, Vegotein MA is a non-GMO pea protein that boosts protein content.

Made from Pisum Sativum yellow peas, this ingredient can be used as a meat replacement and a meat extender, which reduces the cost for nuggets, patties and meatballs while adding nutritional content, protein and juiciness.

"Alphabet's (Google) chairman Eric Schmidt called plant protein the No.1 future trend."

It can be used in ground meats, vegan/vegetarian meats and products developed for those who suffer from food allergies.

Besides gelation and binding capabilities, the high-viscosity Vegotein MA is suspendable, disperses well and offers a smooth texture.

Its flavour profile is a slightly salty, umami quality.

Axiom Foods CEO David Janow said: "Alphabet's (Google) chairman Eric Schmidt called plant protein the No.1 future trend. Plant protein is driving M&A on Wall Street, Cargill shut down their last beef feed lot to exit the cattle business and invest in plant protein, Hormel launched a plant protein ready-to-drink shake and Tyson has turned a shoulder to chicken, investing in Beyond Meat last year.

“The most incredible of all: Coke invested for the very first time in the plant-based Aloe Gloe drink. The CEO of this company, Dino Sarti, was part of our CEO Summit at the Natural Products Expo in March."