Nestlé Australia has agreed to sell its Violet Crumble brand to Adelaide-based family business Robern Menz for an undisclosed price.

As per the term of the agreement, Robern Menz will acquire the Violet Crumble brand and its associated intellectual property, plant, and equipment.

Nestlé Confectionery general manager Martin Brown said: “The sale of the Violet Crumble brand to Robern Menz recognises that they are well-positioned to combine their existing honeycomb manufacturing with that of Violet Crumble and continue to invest behind this well-loved brand.

“The history and tradition of this iconic Australia brand will continue under the ownership of a strong, Australian-owned business.

“I want to recognise the passion of generations of confectioners who have made Violet Crumble in our Nestlé Campbellfield factory.

“We remain committed to manufacturing our other loved brands such as KitKat, Milkybar, Allens, and Soothers here in Australia.”

Nestle noted that the associated intellectual property will be transferred to the Robern Menz factory in Adelaide, South Australia, in the coming months.

“We remain committed to manufacturing our other loved brands such as KitKat, Milkybar, Allens, and Soothers here in Australia.”

It also confirmed that there will be no changes to staffing at the Nestlé factory.

Since 1983, Nestle has been manufacturing Violet Crumble at its factory located in Campbellfield, Melbourne.

Last year, Nestlé Australia invested AUS$8m ($6.3m) in its factory in order to improve locally manufactured chocolate brands and support growing KitKat exports.

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said: “We are really excited to have partnered with Nestlé and reached an agreement to acquire what is undoubtedly one of Australia’s great brands.

“As the new gatekeeper of Violet Crumble, we are aware of the responsibility that comes along with owning a brand so highly regarded in the Australian marketplace.”

Slims further explained that the company will be producing Violet Crumble without making any changes to its original recipe.