Fashion brand Gucci has opened its own fine dining restaurant called Gucci Osteria, in Italy, run by three Michelin starred chef, Massimo Bottura.

The concept is part of the newly designed Gucci Garden complex, a gallery-retail combination consisting of an exclusive store and exhibition area, with Osteria seating 50 guests throughout the day in the historical Palazzo della Mercanzia.

The menu, partially inspired by Bottura’s world travels, includes international dishes, classic Italian cuisine and reinterpretations of the classics, with individual dishes ranging from 20 to 30 euros. Side dishes are 10 euros and desserts are at 15 euros.

Guests can get a taste of Bottura’s signature ‘Emilia’ burger, which mixes parmesan cheese with the beef, replaces ketchup with salsa, herbs, capers and anchovies and mayonnaise mixed with balsamic vinegar. Peruvian-inspired tostadas, Parmigiano-Reggiano tortellini, tacos and pork belly buns are also on the menu.

Bottura has also added a little humour to the menu with high-end interpretations of hot dogs. Diners can treat themselves to mousse of Pina Colada for dessert. Vegetarian options are also available.

In keeping with the luxurious brand, Osteria’s dining chairs and booths are adorned in green velvet, whilst Renaissance stone carved tablets hang on the gold-scripted walls.

Bottura said: “From travelling the world, our kitchen interacts with everything we see, hear and taste.

“The restaurant is a reminder that Florence has always been a centre of cultural exchange. Haute couture and haute cuisine are a recipe made in heaven.”

Gucci is not the only fashion brand to move into the culinary industry, with big names including Prada, LVMH and Tiffany & Co. also opening their own patisseries, high-end groceries and cafes.