Earl Enterprises has agreed to acquire Bertucci’s Corporation for $20m.

The consideration will include cash payments of $3m, as well as the assumption of $4m in debt and issuance of $13m of second-lien debt.

Both companies involved in the transaction are US-based operators of restaurant chains.

Nomad Foods has signed an agreement to acquire frozen food company Aunt Bessie’s Limited from William Jackson Food Group Limited for €240m ($279.76m).

Nomad Foods is involved in the sale of frozen foods such as fish, vegetables, poultry products and ready meals, while William Jackson Food Group Limited produces and sells food products such as puddings, stuffing and dumplings.

All companies involved in the acquisition are based in the UK.

“Nomad Foods has signed an agreement to acquire frozen food company Aunt Bessie’s Limited from William Jackson Food Group Limited for €240m ($279.76m).”

The transaction is expected to enable Nomad Foods to expand its frozen potato and frozen Yorkshire puddings offerings.

Dairy Max has announced plans to merge with the Western Dairy Association.

The combined entity will be known as Dairy Max and is expected to represent approximately 900 dairy farmer families located in Colorado, south-western Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming, US.

US-based Dairy Max is a non-profit dairy council that represents dairy farm families, while Western Dairy Association is also a non-profit organisation that is funded by dairy farmers.

Meat and poultry producer Tyson Foods has acquired Tecumseh Poultry, a chicken production and processing firm.

Tecumseh operates two plants located in Tecumseh and Waverly, Nebraska, US.

Tyson Foods will manage and operate Tecumseh as a subsidiary and is set to retain the company’s operations, sales and management staff, totalling approximately 600 personnel.

The transaction is anticipated to help Tyson Foods to produce organic branded chicken.

Both companies involved in the transaction are based in the US.

Seed stage investor Mian Ali has acquired Halaleat.com (HalalEat) for an undisclosed sum.

UK-based HalalEat is an online platform that offers customers the choice of ordering Halal-verified takeaway food from local restaurant and takeaways.

The acquisition will enable HalalEat to expand its business in the UK and strengthen its operations involving food delivery, ready-to-eat meals and a consumer blog site focused on halal food eateries.

Kohlberg & Company has signed an agreement to take over Sara Lee Frozen Bakery and Van’s businesses from Tyson Foods.

The acquisition includes Sara Lee’s brands Chef Pierre and Bistro Collection, and grants Kohlberg & Company a license to use the Sara Lee brand name and Van’s brands.

In addition, prepared foods facilities in Tarboro, North Carolina, and Traverse City, Michigan, are included in the acquisition agreement, along with a sales office in Canada.

Kohlberg & Company is a private equity firm, while Tyson Foods is a meat and poultry production company.

Both companies are based in the US.