Thailand-based Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) has chosen JDA Software to enable its digital transformation in the supply chain of the broiler business, as well as other areas of its overseas business.

CPF is a listed agro-industrial and food conglomerate operating in 16 countries, exporting products from Thailand to over 30 countries and catering to more than four billion people worldwide.

It operates in livestock and aquaculture businesses, handling produce such as broilers, layers, shrimp and fish.

It is involved in manufacturing of animal feed, breeding and farming; meat processing; and manufacturing of semi-cooked and fully-cooked meat, food products and ready-made meals.

Leveraging a range of solutions such as JDA Demand, JDA Enterprise Supply Planning, JDA Sequencing and JDA Services, CPF intends to enhance its supply chain by synergising all its business units together.

With the deployment of JDA solutions, CPF aims to achieve an agile, mature supply chain, along with integrated sales and operations planning (S&OP), and demand and supply planning processes.

“Digitalisation helps us attain the finest and safest food quality and assures consumers that our products will be delivered in a timely manner.”

It aims to leverage the latest digital technologies such as big data and analytics for improved trend forecasting, cross-functional planning and plant execution.

These technologies will enable the company to eliminate siloed processes while aligning factories with central planning. This will subsequently enable the company to make smarter S&OP decisions, thereby leading to cost savings, reduced environmental impacts and improved customer experiences.

CPF co-president and chief executive officer for agroindustrial business Sooksunt Jiumjaiswanglerg said: “Implementing best-in-class technology has always been one of CPF’s main strategies to increase efficiency in management, manufacturing and stakeholder services. CPF’s products and services are well recognised in more than 30 countries to which CPF exports.

“We are adapting our business in order to strengthen CPF’s competitiveness in the world market. It is my honour to say that we are the first company in the Protein Foods sector in Asia to make a digital supply chain transformation. Digitalisation helps us attain the finest and safest food quality and assures consumers that our products will be delivered in a timely manner.”

By implementing an end-to-end S&OP cross-functional approach, the company can achieve integrated business planning, which is to align with demand and supply planning, and sequencing. This will unite all the parts across CPF’s supply chain with a common focus to cater to demand across various markets, while addressing risks and accessing opportunities. For instance, if a foodborne illness or contamination occurs, CPF can then act quickly and decisively due to visibility into the process, thereby reducing any blind spot along the supply chain.

JDA Asia Pacific president Amit Bagga said: “As consumers become more demanding and regulations get stringent, supply chains are becoming more complex with processing more intricate. To stay competitive and agile, organisations need to leverage supply chain technologies and accelerate their digital transformation.

“With the JDA solutions, CP Foods will now be able to direct and track every touch point along the way, move with agility, efficiency and control, while being a trusted, low-risk partner to its customers. Enabling a nimble, digital supply chain with end-to-end visibility will not only allow CP Foods to better compete in global markets, it will put the freshest – and safest – foods into the hands of consumers.”