US-based AgroFresh Solutions and Zest Labs have entered a strategic collaboration in order to strengthen their end-to-end solutions.

Under the collaboration, AgroFresh will incorporate Zest Labs’ Zest Fresh solution into its FreshCloud Transit Insights platform.

Both companies intend to provide customers with a comprehensive solution that improves operations, increases visibility into produce shelf life and reduce food waste.

AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre said: “As we continue to prioritise data and technology to enhance produce freshness and minimise food waste, this strategic collaboration will strengthen our existing portfolio, particularly our data-centric FreshCloud platform.

“Zest Fresh is a natural fit with our FreshCloud Transit Insights solution and will accelerate the adoption of our technology to additional markets.”

AgroFresh’s data-backed, insights-driven solution FreshCloud has been designed to predict produce freshness, quality and optimal consumption timing.

Zest Fresh is a post-harvest freshness management solution that intelligently manages the quality of each pallet of produce, starting in the field.

Zest Labs CEO Peter Mehring said: “AgroFresh’s offering of Zest Fresh is significant as they are a trusted global expert in post-harvest science with over 3,500 customers worldwide and can quickly expand Zest Fresh into new markets and with new types of fresh produce.

“Our collective science-based, data-driven solutions and shared market vision for ensuring delivered freshness and reducing food waste provide a foundation for a successful partnership.”